Got revise and resubmit for PhD at VIVA - what to do about job?



I got r n r last month, totally unexpected by everyone..and of course devastating. It was a complete shock to me and my supervisory team as well! To cut a long story short I’ve been battling depression triggered by my research topic as I heard really upsetting biographies. But I got the thesis finished with not an ounce left in me and started a postdoc that week. My employers have been fairly sympathetic and offered a day a week. Unfortunately,I commute 3 hours a day and am knackered.. I’m still struggling with the shock and overwhelming enormity of it and trying to get over the horror of the viva. I don’t think I can work and do this rewrite at the same time... I’ve gone back to counselling and my mental health is very fragile at the moment.

I swing between thinking I am going to quit PhD/ leave job or even quit both - I’m thinking best solution is 3 month sabbatical and going back part time until it’s done. Something has to give - any words of wisdom
From those in similar situation in a job with a massive amount to do to resubmit.



Before you do anything re the job, ask your supervisor if there's any way to suspend studies I..e stop the R&R clock on health grounds. It might be possible.


I can't offer any advice right now but just wanted to say - I could have practically written this so you're not alone!!

I am working full time with a full time PhD and an enormous amount or work to do, although I don't have a massive commute every day. Is there any way you could move closer to the job in the short term and then you could replace the 3 hr commute with 3 hrs of work?


Thanks bewildered that’s definitely something to consider - although I’m torn between wanted
To get this pain over and wanted to get over the mental health issues ... it feels like such a mess.
Dr Crabby I can’t move closer because my husband has the job close to our
Home and our son wouldn’t want to move schools ... it’s a bit of a mess really


If you are in counselling at the moment and have fragile mental health, I don't see any way that you can go back to the PhD until this is sorted. Once you are well, are you sure you want to risk re-opening those wounds?
If the PhD has damaged you to this extent, is it really worth going back and spending perhaps another year or more on it?