Happy (anti) Valentines Day to all believers and non believers!


Here's wishing everyone a Happy (anti or not) Valentines!!

The place where I live (yes, yes, I'm in a Hall..) has a big pizza and beer and comedian night planned with only singles allowed or something (couples allowed but...reluctantly I think...lol)

My own plans include doing my laundry after X days (x is unspecified as this is a public forum!), getting new shoes, getting a hair cut, taking a day off work and relaxing (by planning what I must get done tomorrow).

:-) :-)

what's up with everyone else, believers and non believers of the love saint?


Hi Bug,
I am very much a non-believer!!
I much prefer my husband to pamper me every day of the year!
My husband is working today, so my plans include tidying the house, food shopping and trying to finish a chapter which seems to be never-ending!!



I think it's just a bit of fun, although people can be over the top about the whole thing - she says smugly with her dozen red roses ;-)

I made hubby a cheesy card which was fun to do as well as fun to give!


One of my students gave me a Valentine's present - the first time I've ever got one that wasn't off my mum. Total non-believer!


Aww you guys! Student card and *cheesy* card both sound so sweet :-)

Omega, I'm with you, just came back from grocery shopping!

Hmm to celebrate I'm cooking some fancy dinner for one, and have a horror movie to watch (ouch!)


The boyfriend sent me a card, I didn't send him one. He is off to a gig with friends, and I am off to a party with friends.

Valentine's Day? Bah.


Well I just finished revising a chapter and then I suppose it's dinner and telly as usual!

My daughter made us a card - does that count?


I;m packing to go off to the Algarve tomorrow with my 12 year old - husband not coming.


My boyfriend has an assignment due monday (he's doing PGCE) so I'm cooking us dinner (just gotta get round to going to the supermarket!) He got me a card, champagne and a box of pringles! (should explain I said no chocolate as wqe still have some left from christmas).

should be working but can't open my excel files due to micosoft compatability issues (really thought I saved files in 2003 format but computer at home wont open them) ah well on with faffing on the internet instead - oh and a trip to supermarket


LOL!!! this thread I think, its the most 'romantic' valentines day exchanges ever !!!!:p it's full of shopping, and groceries and assignments and cards from family :-)

Happy V Day guys!


Quote From Aloha:

I;m packing to go off to the Algarve tomorrow with my 12 year old - husband not coming.

The Anti-Valentine's gold star goes to you :p


My boyfriend got me a Macca Pacca toy (any of you out there with young children will know who this is!) Anyone who doesn't I suggest you watch In The Night Garden - but you have to watch it on catch up if you can or record it and watch it at night while under the influence of alcohol.
I bought pink fizz and chocs (£5 from Tesco) and we will probably partake of these while watching a DVD later on. Romantic? No. His 15-year old son is here for the weekend! (However we are off to the Viking Festival in York next weekend, so that will be our romantic weekend away).


Ode to Pam:

Makka Pakka
Akka wakka
Mikka maaka moo

Makka Pakka
Appa yakka
Ikka akka ooo.

Hum dum
Agga pang
Ing ang ooo.

Makka Pakka
Akka wakka
Mikka makka moo!

Just waiting for my daughter to get out of the bath. I raise your Makka Pakka with an Upsy Daisy and an Iggle Piggle.

Yup, I don't get ou much....

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I had chicken thighs and potato dauphenois for dinner and am half way through the box of chocolates I bought myself. I'm also watching 'Moonstruck' with nicolas cage on the telly. My favourite film for romance ... ever.


Anyone feeling a lil bit blue...