New Year Resolutions

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Just wanted to know some of your PhD related resolutions for the new year.

Mine will be
- get together a schedule e.g. 9-5
- do writing at least once a week
- dress smarter for uni work! - no more trainers and jeans


To drink more water.


1. Lead a sane life that's doesnt get hyper at little things going wrong
2. Write, write, write like a machine.
3. Reach the landmarks set to be reached by Dec 09.
4. Meditate.
5. Do yoga thrice a week.
6. Look after self: eating, health, exercise, water.
7. Dont beat yourself up when none of these things happen, after January or possibly even earlier.


Be prepared for anything: any news, any eventuality, any wonders, any miracles, any highs any lows.


I am going to get tough with myself and other people and put my foot down more. I want to stop feeling guilty if I don't do things for other people but work on my PhD instead. For example I am always giving my sister lifts because she doesn't drive, but from now on if I don't have time then she will have to get the train. I have a friend who is always late so if she doesn't turn up on time then I will go to the library instead of hanging around in cafes for her. I will leave the house in a mess rather than trying to tidy up after teenagers and they can do it themselves!


Mine are:
Use this forum more
Write more
Stop drinking Coca Cola & bottled water (ethical stance)
Write more letters
Do stuff, rather than saying I will, then not doing it. More action, less talk!
Plan my work more realistically
Get a job


To do a little bit more work every day. I have a fairly good routine, but if I'm honest usually end up doing 6 hours a day, so another hour of productivity would be good.
Also to start writing more.
...and to stop drinking so much. :p


PhD related:
1. Be in Uni before 9am.
2. Post everyday on the accountability thread.
3. Achieve some goal every day either writing/reading.
4. No taking days off just because I don't feel like it.

Non PhD Related:
1. Focus specifically on achieving long term career goals.
2. Start training for marathon relay in June and fundraising efforts.
3. Give one more big effort to help my mom realise she's killing herself with the drink, and if it doesn't work , Im not going to feel guilty and let it affect my work anymore.
4. (The hardest one): Be a nicer, more patient person, and be grateful for everything I have been given in life. Trust my instincts and be strong, confident and not embarassed of who I am.


I made some after my draft was handed in back in December... to pace myself better with my PhD work and try (desperately...) not to be a last-minute person any longer, to minimise any potential submission nightmares next month.

And related to post-doc career opportunities, I sort out my clothes - I'm bored with what I've got and could do with a change. Plus I think I'll go to more work-related events and do's. It's not as if they're boring and although I hate the whole idea of 'networking' for some reason, I do need to know what's going on when I emerge from this enforced thesis hibernation.

Actually, there's a thing on the BBC news site about New Year's resolutions being bad for your mental health...


PhD related:
1 The big one - submit and be DONE!
2 Get 2-3 publications at least in press.
3 Work on a grant proposal for a post doc, but probably to submit 2010.
4 Look into some teaching for next year.

1 Lose the 8 lbs I put on last year.
2 Exercise more.
3 Drink less.
4 Make sure my daughter can do all the things for herself she needs to be able to do when she starts school.
5 Play the piano again (I say this every year...).


Goodness my PhD resolutions,

-To do some f**king work! Stop arsing about between being overwhelmed by it all and trying to persuade myself its going to be fine. It will not be fine if I do nothing.

-To organise myself properly, I feel happier and healthier when Im organised on paper it helps me see what needs done.

-To stop procrastinating, it only undermines me.

-To make myself get some work ready for publication.

-To make more of an effort to network so that when i EVENTUALLY get finished I might know some people!

Non PhD but still pertaining to PhD in the overall wellbeing department

-Eat less crap, yes it might be quicker and easier but it is not helping me.

-Lose the weight I put on doing my PhD the first 2 years.

-Buy new stationery. It always makes me feel like I know what Im doing.

I think I have another ten million of these but may I point everyone to the latest Harvard study which points to our inability to keep to the changes we try to make, due our body's own misguided attempt to deal with the underlying anxieties we all suffer, the behavior we dislike is quite often a self soothing technique. Until we can challenge the ideas which cause us to perpetuate the behaviour we dislike we may never change it.
Lol, happy new year all.


I'm inclined to agree with Mind (see BBC article below, thanks RubyW) that resolutions can be counter-productive. I have a radical new anti-resolution, which is just to forgive yourself for being crap, and for failing to do things like keeping resolutions. I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday, feeling like I had wasted these four years of PhD and feeling angry at myself, which is not very helpful, so this year I'll be easier on myself, including for past inadequacies. Does that sound silly?:$


Tokyorabbit, not silly at all. Sounds a very sensible and PhD-like resolution!

Hope you've got over your panic now - this last bit is so hideously stressful, but we're nearly there and then it will be out of the way FOREVER! :-s


PhD related:

1. write more!
2. get more enthusiasm for my subject by concentrating my topic on the parts i find most interesting
3. ask for help when i need it instead of struggling
4. procrastinate less

non-PhD related:
1. complete my half marathon in april without walking/giving up
2. buy my first house!

happy new year everyone!