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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of websites or directories of PhD projects in Europe? I've considered staying in the UK (where I did my undergrad and Masters) but I think I'd prefer to spread my wings and have a go in Europe. I do speak French and German and I understand a lot of programmes have an English language requirement anyway - but I've already looked through Euraxess and not found much in my area (cancer studies).

Are there similar websites to Find a PhD for European countries, fo example? Googling usually just comes up with FindAPhD UK! :s

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hi here is a link, try and see; the European Commission does give scholarships for phds.

I used to look at this one a lot

but I ended up in UK :p


Googling in German I came across this webpage:

If you search in DR Arbeit Suchen for Medizin and the keywords oncology/Onkologie or cancer/Krebs you get quite some hits in Germany (not all of them for PhD and not all of them possibly up to date) but if you are interested in a topic described there (all in German ;-) ) maybe just have a look on the current webpage of that institute as possibly they have other opportunities in the meanwhile displayed on their own page or contact them and ask.

I would say that in Germany it is not requirement to study a PhD in German, at least not in your area. The publications are anyway in English and quite some German students as well write the thesis in English. Nevertheless, it might be advantageous to know German, but mainly for the daily life outside the PhD work.


For Germany try - they have the on-line listings of the PhD jobs advertised in die Zeit, which seems to be the most centralised system.


I know one site on which the offers are specially from France,

you can find position for your particular study. I think!!!
I am searching a Ph.D.  for Physics (in solid state Physics/ materials science) in uk
:-) , if you know some sites, plz tell me, I know '' , 'tiptop' .
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Hi, You may like to visit this website It publishes Phd vacancies throughout europe. All the positions are funded well.


Or you could try


Hi, is a Dutch website on which the dutch universities advertise their academic vacancies. Not only PhDs, but also postdocs and technician/management jobs. The info is presented in both Dutch and English. If your area of interest is cancer studies, then you might be interested in looking at the "University Medical Centres" section under the "Employers". The Medical Centres in the Netehrlands do a lot of cancer research. The two Amsterdam Centers (AMC and VUmc) are connected to the NKI, which is the Dutch Cancer Institute, which has a specialised cancer hospital.

Good luck!


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Had a look at the site: the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL) is currently looking for two full time PhD students:

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