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Looking for accommodation in London!

Quote From alleycat393:

but am paranoid about ending up with people who I don't get on with.

In this case, I think it might be really the best for you to follow the advise Awen mentioned: Get a room or cheap hostel / B&B for the beginning (first weeks) and then look for a more permanent accommodation once you are here.
Not sure where you are coming from, but it might be good for you to know that the flat share market in London works very short-term. If you started looking already now for a room to move in in October, you would be far too early. For flatshares, you almost don't need to look until 4 weeks before coming here. And if deciding to start looking for a permanent accommodation once in London, you might find quite often rooms where you can move in immediately or within 1-2 weeks.
This refers to flat share only as I am not familiar with student housing.

Advice ! What to do next ? Looking for a funded PhD

Quote From mothy:

EU students are only eligible for fees-only studentships from the research councils, afaik.

Under certain circumstances, as well EU nationals are eligible for the whole studentship. The "easiest" requirement is to have lived already 3 years in the UK prior the start of the course.

Is this a word/correct?

Quote From sneaks:

yeah, 'unsuitable' isn't quite right, neither is unable - because they can and IMO should research 'penguins', its just their situation in life (being carnivorous bears) puts them at a slight disadvantage.

Are you sure that polar bears could do research on penguins? Somehow, I first only read the first half of the sentence and thought, yeah, they cant do the research as polar bears live on the North Pole and penguins at the South Pole. Thus, the polar bear is not at the right place.... But then I read the second half and had to realise that you didnt mean that...


I learnt it like this:

Past tense for what you did (you instructed the participant). As well past tense if it is the finding/new or adopted method obtained/used in one study (xy instructed). If you are, however, talking about sth broadly accepted by a variety of researchers (normally been found in a review paper or a textbook), it goes in Present Tense.
Dont know if that makes sense to you. Following that, it might happen as well that you change between tenses within e.g. a paragraph (if you write how you did, how it is commonly done and how it will be done).

Is this a positive or negative answer?

First, I thought the same: that the words used in the answer mail are neutral about the outcome. But then I wondered (although not 100% sure how the decisions are made): If they have 1 place, they need to decide for 1 candidate. But wouldnt they contact that candidate first to see if he/she accepts the offer? As if that candidate declines, they might offer it to the 2nd candidate on their list. Only option if sending out all answers at the same moment would be to write the 2nd candidate that he/she is not the 1st on the list but the 2nd and if the candidate on place 1 declines, they would come back to candidate 2.

article help please

I m able to access it

Stats question - Tukey homogeneous subsets

I ran an ANOVA with Tukey post test and would now like to know for my graphic the homogeneous subsets. I found already out that running the test with SPSS there is an automatic outset of the homogeneous subsets.

But is there as well a way to determine them with certainty manually as I dont have access to SPSS and my statistic program seems to not be able to give me these subsets?

Article needed from Studies in Second language Acquisition

Yeah, I can get that one.

Article needed from Studies in Second language Acquisition

Seems that I have online access. Which paper are you looking for?

help with a little German phrase...please....(German speakers)

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moonblue is right saying that Haltung refers to the keeping of animals (me being native speaker)

Do your friends/family read your papers?

I think it always depends on the subject if parents are going to read a thesis and publications, means if it is easily understandable or quite complicated if you are not from that area. My mum and me both proofread the thesis of my sister in social sciences but for my thesis in natural sciences I couldnt ask them to do so as it is not that easily to understand for outsiders. However, they liked me to explain them in other words what I did doing during my thesis and would then even explain to other friends what I am doing. Maybe if they ask you for a copy, give them the copy and try to explain them in words understandable for them what the main idea is behind it.

simplifying English for non-native readers - help!

I (as well not an English native speaker) find the request as well a bit strange. I dont know if you necessarily need to shorten the sentences. That possibly depends on the country. I heard that scientific papers written in English by English native speakers are easier to read than written by German native speakers as Germans like to write long and complicated sentences. I had already some chances to realise this fact.
I would guess that it is possibly more words that are less common used by non-natives which make the text easier. But to find us those it is possibly best to find a non-native speaker being a bit familiar in your area (dont know yours at the moment) who reads your project proposal and points out for you unfamiliar words.

working in france

Not really the same, but maybe it might help you.... A friend of me went on a 4 week holiday to Mexico just after having become registered nurse and after that holiday she started applying for jobs as nurse. For some time she was as well thinking what to say about those weeks and then decided to declare them as language course.... although she just learned some words Spanish during that time and those by chance... Thus maybe dont declare a 6-8 weeks trip to Peru as holiday but give in another purpose...

Interviews & Replies

Dont want to discourage you (and hope that I am not right but things simply taking a bit longer). I would imagine that after all the interviews they make a preference list to who they would like to give the PhD. In case that you are not the first in the list, you will need to wait longer to get an answer from them as for sure first they will answer the preferred candidate and need a response from that one before they can send negative answers to the rest of applicants or offer the PhD to the second person on the list in case that the number 1 candidate doesnt want it.

Oh no! I think my laptop is going to die

In case that you think the problem might come from the fan itself: For quite some time I had problem with my laptop fan (running very noisely and too often, and somewhen as well wouldnt switch on at all with then the laptop overheating and switching itself off without warning). First I opened the laptop to reach the fan and cleaned out all the dust (with a hoover on slow speed and some cotton buds). That worked for a while until the fan seemed to have been died. At that time I not only removed the fan from the laptop for cleaning but opened as well the fan itself and somehow after several approaches it worked again but with a lot of noise. The final solution was to add some oil inside the fan (where the work mechanism is). Now it is running already several weeks after that without any further problem :-)