PhD submitted!!


Fantastic! ...and all the best with the interview this week and viva next week(up)


Congratulations kb! Brilliant news. I am actually very envious that your viva is in a week, I just hate all of the waiting around! Best of luck with next week and well done (up)

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WOW! That's amazing. You've done so well - congratulations.


Good show Keenbean,

must be a pleasant feeling!

Actually very good that you will have your viva so soon after submission, you will remember the thesis extremely well.


Wooot! a huge huge congratulations!!! It's so amazing that you got it all done, dispite all the really rough time your sup gave you over the last several months, you truely are a tough cookie!

I know you have your viva in a week, but at least try and get some rest today :)


Thanks for your good wishes, all! I am chuffed but difficult to celebrate when the viva is so soon! Just preparing for tomorrow's interview now, then onto viva prep tomorrow. I'm kinda glad I don't have long to wait too, but I could've done with an extra week to prepare!

Hey Sneaks, I know, my usual tendency is to eat lots of sugar when I'm working hard and stressed, the pre-submission-stress-diet is the most effective I've ever tried lol!

Best, KB

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Congratulations KeenBean- truly amazing! Well done for all of your blood,sweat and tears.(gift)8-)


All the best for your interview and viva!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you deserve a present!!! (gift)


Congratulation! The forum oldies are passing through now! :) good luck! :)


Hope today goes well & (up) for next week too.



All the best with your interview and viva! :)

Btw how did you manage to get a viva organised so soon? I thought it takes a couple of months after submission?


Congratulation and good luck! Agree with others - your example, provided all the dynamics you went through, is empowering(up):-) Hope you sup :-s does not show her moods and supports you, as we all will here:-)


Thanks everyone! Got the job I went for today, am so happy and also very relieved! Just need to pass the viva now...

Quote From chococake:

Btw how did you manage to get a viva organised so soon? I thought it takes a couple of months after submission?

Hey chococake- yeah, my submission and viva dates were moved forward so that I would be eligible to apply for a fellowship at my current uni, it is really unusual to have the viva so soon afterwards. In the end, after a further fall-out with my supervisor, I didn't submit my fellowship application. But submitting early has meant that I have been offered this post-doc at a different uni, so still pleased that it all got moved forwards. I could have done with another week or two to prepare though...

Best, KB


Wow, that's fantastic, KB 8-)!!! Congratulations on securing the position! Here's wishing you all the very best for your viva :-)!