PhD viva on Monday


Nerves just setting in. Any last minute advice from anyone welcome!!

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Good luck DJWickid! From the PGFT


Good luck I hope it goes well for you DJWickid

As for advice having never been there myself, I'm not sure I'm the best person to give advice, but I'd say spend some time getting stuff clear in your head this week and do something to take your mind off it at the weekend


Thanks PGFT and Laney. Btw what do you think I should wear? Am I expected to wear a suit? Or just go in reasonably smart? Should I wear my leggings???!


Good Luck DJ

DanB sends a big DanB hug {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

and says he will be thinking of you


Aww thanks H and DanB. But any thoughts on what I should wear?!!


Well you should be comfortable and not sure how much you like wearing suits?

I think a smart pair of trousers and smart top/shirt would be fine but maybe Ann can say more about this


Good luck! I have not got there yet but I would go with something reasonably smart myself.

Fingers crossed but I am sure you will be just fine.


Good luck DJW.
I'd go for smart trousers, blouse & a medium heel if I were you.
If you have the time and can afford it I'd treat yourself to something new for confidence.
I just bought a pair of manish (slate grey) high waisted, wide leg tailored trousers from Primark that are an exact copy of a Prada pair . £10!


Thanks for all the good lucks everyone. Thats a good idea going to buy something new for confidence. Maybe I should splash out? There's a really nice pair of black skinny Diesel trousers I want, but not sure I can really justify buying them as they dont shout out 'we are viva trousers!'


RE: Diesel em'! Go on! If there was ever an excuse to treat yourself...

I plan to wear a loose cotton smock to my viva -to prevent the buckets of sweat I will produce sticking to my clothing.


Buy the trousers you want, DJW. It'll bring you some happiness that might help your viva performance! All the very best for monday


Good luck, DJWickid!


All the best DJW, we will be thinking about you


GOOD LUCK - if you get nervous just think or Orlando