Resubmission result - minor corrections !


Hi everyone, just wanted to share my joy after my resubmitted thesis had been given a 'minor corrections' verdict. Phew !
I would like to thank Marasp, Pineapple, AnZ, J Stanley and others for their kind words of encouragement on this forum. It was a nerve-wrecking 18 months (please follow my posts) but I am really glad it is (almost) over !


Congratulations and well done! :)


Well done Charliebrown! That is great news!


Yay well done :)


Yay! Congrats, Charliebrown :-) I bet that's a weight off your shoulders at long last. Time to crack open the bubbly and sit back for a while :-) I think anyone who gets through a PhD has demonstrated a high level of mental tenacity but that applies even more so to those who have gone through major corrections, R&Rs, and fails. You got through this you can get through anything mentally. Well done.


Congratulations. Really good to read this, it give me hope I might get there in the end!


Congratulations. Excellent. Now enjoy life!


Thanks everyone !


Congratulations! That is fantastic news! I wish you all the best with finishing your minor corrections. I'm still waiting for my result...!!