Starting 3rd year


Hi,,Im as well in my 3rd year PhD,,,I have to start combining the chapters and carry on with many write ups..
Wish me a good luck


Thank you Chococake! A few of them do require major redrafting (literature review mainly) which I plan to tackle when the findings are done. I am finding writing the final few chapters very slow and tedious though; I am starting to drift into that 'I just want it done now' frame of mind!


Today I hate writing with a passion. After a really hard working day (no lunch and 6 hours straight typing) down to the last two sections of redraft of first result chapter. It will be done by the end of this week! how's others getting on?


Hope you've had something to eat and drink in amongst all that, wowzers! I got some writing done last week and have drawn up plans for the year so I feel like I'm getting my head round what needs done, but I also have a heavy cold now and am doing precisely nothing today!


Hope you feel better chickpea. I was also down with a cold last week.

I've done two studies and I'm wondering whether I need to do a third rather large study? I've posted it about ti here: Would appreciate your advice, thanks!


A 3rd-year support thread is a great idea! Late to the party as usual...but since term hasn't started, I'll consider myself early still :)

Feeling relatively upbeat but I'm sure that feeling will crash and burn once I get feedback. It seems masochistic to spend so much time and effort on producing writing that you're (hopefully) proud of, only to get back pages after pages of red critique. A necessary evil...sigh. That's assuming I ever actually get a reply from my sups who have managed to successfully ignore me for the past three months.

Have (stupidly?) booked a two-week vacation for next April, both as something to be excited about and to work towards, and as a last hurrah before we try to start a family. I keep trying to remember that there is a life outside the write-up!


Nesrine, welcome :)

It is great you have booked a holiday in April! I have booked one then too and it is just so great to have something to look forward to, even though I am going to end up spending more time researching the country then actually spending time on holiday! But it is still great!

I can relate to the red lines! I wonder if they'll ever come a point where my supervisors will be happy with my work!

With regards to starting a family, my advice would be wait till you have passed your viva. I know plenty of people who have horrendous morning sickness, and baby brain settles in very early in the pregnancy. Honestly, I would wait it out a couple of more months, unless its your only chance at getting pregnant. Best of luck :)


I think a holiday sounds like a great idea too! I've not booked anything but I am certainly planning on using my annual leave, 3rd year or not - it is so important to remember life outside of the PhD :)


Hi Everybody. I am going to tag along with this post even though I am actually going into my 5th year! Sounds scary but I am part-time, self funding and am aiming to finish around Christmas 2016. I am struggling with the volume of work I still have left to do. I am also testing how long you can stay in Costa for only buying one drink!!


Welcome tamecat! Best of luck with hitting your deadline. FYI, I've resorted to drinking invisible tea in the past in order to avoid the barista death stare.

Thanks for the advice, Chococake. I'm quite worried about morning sickness seeing as I get dizzy standing up too fast...

But "I am going to end up spending more time researching the country then actually spending time on holiday" make me laugh as I've actually spent the past week planning my itinerary down to the minute instead of proper work. Hopefully it's all out of my system now! Eugh, back to MS Word I trudge...

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Quote From tamecat:
I am also testing how long you can stay in Costa for only buying one drink!!

Wecome Tamecat! That sounds like a worthy area of research in itself- and far more enjoyable! Good luck.


Got supervision tomorrow for feedback on that Chapter. oh I hope it is ok!!! Zutterfly you are doing well :D


wowzers, fingers crossed for you, I hope it'll all go well! :)

Does anyone find it frustrating when you just need a simple answer to a question but have to wait a whole week or for a supervision to get a response, and it just halts your work? That is where I am, and I know my email, will not be replied too. I wish Siri could help sometimes!


Hi everyone! How's every one doing? Feel like I've reached a milestone today because I've just submitted a chapter! :)

Now back to work on the next chapter!


Brilliant, Chococake! Hope you're going to have at least a small treat for that!

In answer to your previous post, my supervisors are very good at getting back to me with answers, but anything that needs directed to admin/finance/head of school...... forget it. Mostly they just don't ever answer emails!

My work's been at a standstill because I'm having one of those 'real life takes over' times when there's something else more urgent. It's quite stressful watching the PhD flounder in the background, but I will get back to it.