The One Goal Thread


First Goal Today - Print out paper, read it through and make it better!


My goal for today is to re-acquaint myself with SPSS (my old friend) and input data for about 100 questionnaires. :-(

I'd love to say I'm looking forward to this, but alas, I am not.

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I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel SO sleepy, I have for the last few days, I just sit and stare at my computer. I've tried exercise and coffee but nothing seems to work!


I slept in until 10 :$

Sneaks, hearing about your busy morning makes me feel even more guilty! A nap could help if you have time?

So far I have had one run through of my conference presentation and tidied it up a little.

Writing target for now is 500 words.


my one goal today...
read three articles on "determinants of stock prices" thats my thesis title too .... and only ahev bout 2 months to do that.. anyone know any paper that might be helpful?? pleaseeee?

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I'm having a terrible morning and thus far have done absolutely nothing.

My goal - make it into the office before lunchtime :-(

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Yay, I've just finished 1/6 - it is the one I did most of the work on yesterday though :$ its SO DULL! I wish I could do it while watching tv, but I tried that yesterday and just stared blankly at house buying/selling shows instead of working.

I might be sneaky and find interviews that are really short so I can get 6 done today! :p


Can I join please? My goal today is to read two papers, and make notes on them.

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Yay, I just hit yesterday's target!

Now for today's. Finish the section of the literature review I'm currently working on, and make a reasonable start on the next section.


This is a great idea for a thread, can I join too. I've always wanted to join an accountability thread or create one of my own but I've never been brave enough! Here's my goal for the rest of the day - get started on writing a second draft of my data chapter.


1st goal - done(ish). Still don't like this paper. Why is my writing so stupid?!:-s

2nd goal - Go through the paper and make the changes/insert references.

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Made it into the office

Now goal one - assign quotes to equipment list and refine


I can see this thread being really helpful. Goal number 1 = establish mode of analysis for my cognitive interviews and begin it.

Goal number 2 = Ask someone in the know whether doing 12 tomatoes a day is good for PhD work? Anyone?

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ooh Wal, 12 tomatoes is very good! I have a love hate relationship with mytomatoes. Today I hate it, its trying to tell me what to do.
What kind of analysis will you be using?

Well since finishing that 1st interview analysis, I've made my lunch, the post arrived with a new shaving head for my dog clipper, so I shaved my dog which was satisfying (I've left all the shaved fur on the hall carpet for husband to clean :p - its literally about 1 inch thick over the entire carpet, she was VERY fluffy) I have then walked the dog again. I really need to get on with work!

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Oh and Hi to Bulbs, Sweetleafy, KaleG, Star-shaped, Appletini and Daydreamer and everyone else who has joined the thread. You are all doing a lot better than me!