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Preparing for the Viva

Hi guys,

I have my viva within the next month and have finally decided it is high time I start preparing for it!

I found this document online which I think could be useful to anyone starting to prepare for their viva. It's pretty basic and quite old but there are some good tips in it.


I figure this thread could be used for anyone wanting to share tips / links/ books, etc which could be of use when preparing for the viva! :-)

I know there are plenty similar threads but maybe this could be more of a resources type thread?

How has your PhD changed you?

I really don't think I've changed all that much. Maybe I'm a little wiser, and more mature, and perhaps a little more sure of who I am as a person but I think that comes with age generally.

I'm still me and that's how I intend on staying. :-)

Saying that I think I'm quite simple-minded and perhaps that's why I've not changed. :p I tend to not overthink things and take each day as it comes and that suits me.

Wally, I agree with Eska... it sounds like you might be a little depressed. Try taking up some exercise or just seeing friends and dealing with the fact that you might be a little strange. We all are... and friends are the people who appreciate us of our obscurities. Go for a family meal and reconnect with them. Scrap the Kalms (they're rubbish) and go for Night Nurse. Smile randomly at people you see in the street, or in the shops or in the car next to you. Most people will smile back, and that kind of warms the heart. Little things make big changes. (up)

Has anyone published their lit review from the first year of their PhD??

I had my lit review published within the first 6 months of my PhD. Mine is also a very under-researched area, and my lit review was the beginning article in a special edition of a journal which tried to encapsulate articles about similar topics to mine.

I'd say definitely go for it ! It's never too early to start getting published!

Do your friends/family read your papers?

My family don't/ won't read my work. I've given my mum copies of my articles and of my thesis... I think the thesis is currently being used as a coaster. The articles were given to work friends, who probably used them to doodle on.

My partner tried to proof read my thesis before giving up half way through chapter 1. That copy became part of the coffee table as a pedestal for piling up mail.


Citation Excitement

Hope your date went well this weekend Natassia!!

I found out on google. I was looking for a PDF copy of the article to send to someone and it says on google scholar if the article's been cited anywhere else.

It made me smile... a big massive toothy grin!8-)

Citation Excitement

Thanks guys!! I knew you'd understand my excitement.

Has anyone else had good news to brighten their day? :-)

Citation Excitement

Hey guys,

I've had a really rubbish couple of weeks since I submitted my thesis, but today has made it all better.

I found out today that the first article I had published (in 2008) has been cited by a really big academic in their new book. This is the first time I've ever been cited by someone else (except undergrads in assignments), and for it to be someone so big in my area, I really am finding it hard to contain my excitement. I called my partner to tell him, and he really wasn't getting why I was so hyped about this. So I thought I'd share my joy with you guys!

Yay! 8-)

sign question

I was born on the cusp so am both aquarius and pisces. I often find pisces more suited to me... athough both could be true. I pick and choose depending on which has the best forcast for me ;-)

General Election 2010

I'm going Lib Dem. They're the only party, in my opinion, who are making any sense at all. Both Labour and Tories have failed us in the past, and quite frankly, I'm bored by their lies.

The debate last night confirmed that for me.

I keep hearing people say that they're voting labour just to keep tories out, and yes, I agree we can't let the tories in, but Labour are no better than them. In all honesty, what has the labour government done for us since 97? Spent millions on wars that are quite frankly pointless. Last night, Brown could barely explain why we were in Afghanistan... if he doesn't have a clue why, then why the hell are we spending good money on war when it could go on education, policing, health... the economy?! It baffles me.

On a lighter note... I was extrememly amused when David Cameron, when talking about immigration, said that he'd once talked to a 40 year-old balck man who had been in the navy for 30 years... apparently the navy recruits 10 year olds. That was news to me. Haha. Idiot.

*No offense to anyone who supports Tories or Labour. Politics is a matter of opinion, and this is just mine. ;-)

I passed my viva :)

Congrats lilbo!!! I bet it's a fantastic feeling!! Well done!

Would you wish your supervisor happy birthday?

in my first year my sup had a big birthday so i got him a little gift for that, but otherwise I'll just send a nice email on the day to wish him a happy birthday.

I don't think a card would be ass-kissing. I personally think giving a card is a nice gesture (even though I'm not really a card person and would rather save the trees), but it depends on what you're comfortable with.

etiquette question

Satchi, I share your pain!!

Hearing other people eat is possibly my biggest annoyance. It drives me to the point where i really think the men in white coats might want to come for a visit! I spent years training my brother to eat quietly because I really couldn't face being around him when he ate, and at school I avoided certain people like the plague to get away from the crunching and slurping and grinding... ahhhh!!

It's worse in an office situation especially when you're working because you can't get away from it. I've been in a similar situation, but luckily I am able to work with music so I tend to opt for the Ipod in such situations. I think if you can distract yourself while it's going on that's probably the best option. People don't take kindly to being told they "eat like a pig" (my partner was particularly offended by this... oops). Try making a phone call when he starts to eat, or go do some printing/ photocopying. There is the option to have a quiet word, but I personally would feel terrible for letting someone know I found their eating utterly disturbing.

Good luck!

Ladies: I hate the fact that this makes me feel better!

Fair play to her but I think she looked fine before... I'd need double the airbrushing to even look like the before picture! haha.

Pretty people make me sick! :-s

Forgot a figure in submitted thesis!

I realised yesterday that I've missed out a reference in the references section... for someone I cite quite often. I'm not worried. Just going to tell my examiners I am aware of the ommision when I get to my viva.

I think you should wait till the viva. Maybe your examiners won't notice you missed it?

The One Goal Thread

I have reached my goal of inputting the data from my questionnaires. 107 of them. I'm shocked really, because I'm pretty sure I only printed and gave out 100. 7 seem to have miraculously appeared from nowhere.

My next goal is to print a form... do nothing for a bit... fill it in, and then maybe head home to go training.