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Self-plagiarism and published articles


Regarding the point about 'hiding' the PhD bit, I've been advised that publishers do not like to read that research comes from part of a bigger work, i.e. a thesis, so I've never mentioned it. I just say that so-&-so paper arises from a two-year study into etc....

The self-plagiarism bit is, I admit, daunting! I cheerfully say that I've written 25,000 words of my thesis, but then realise I've effectively 'cut & paste' chunks of that into 1 published article & another awaiting approval, leaving me with some significant re-writes ahead. Oh joy!!

Supervisor as second author?


This is a very interesting thread & I can see where everyone's coming from regarding support & training. I put my supervisor as 2nd author on my first paper, stating 'with' as opposed to 'and'.

What happens if you feel you have something new in your paper, e.g. Mog's Model of Muddled Meanderings? If you add a second author wouldn't that become Mog & Blog's Model of etc. etc?

I don't think I understand the conventions yet! Mog - minus any kind of model to my (pseudo)name! ;-)

To Quit or Not to Quit...

Hi CowShed,

Does your rationale for doing the PhD in the first place help you answer the question about quitting? You say it was the next logical step, so is it something that will allow you to progress to somewhere new that will give you the challenge & skills you're looking for? If so, I guess it's worth sticking your head down & carrying on. If not, is it worth spending x number of years being bored?

Good luck, whatever your decision, Mog

Word length of chapters?

Hi Button,

I'm in education & I've been advised to keep all chapters the same length, so 8 @ 10,000 words each. My supervise early on told me it would "write itself" - no sign of that magic yet!!


Wanting to quit PhD, feel stuck!

Hi WG,
I'm sorry you feel so low. You say you passed your upgrade, not something that everybody achieves. Is it worth trying to write an overview of what you've done over the 2 years? Even an outline of what you've done might help to give a little perspective and allow you to see where you're at.
Here's a mince pie to try to warm your spirits on a cold Sunday night! (mince)

How much do you consult your supervisor?

Hi Lughna,

I agree with the comments below about consulting with your supervisor & just wanted to add that, in my experience, this reflects what happens in academia. My supervisor asked for my comments on a paper she was writing, one that she had already consulted 2 of her colleagues about, so the notion of gaining fresh perspective on your own work seems to be of benefit. If you think of the PhD experience as training then it makes sense to get that support.

PhD Output

Hi Dan,

At my transfer I was advised that it is common to have more data than actually appears in the thesis, though I guess this might vary depending on your specialism, & part of the discipline is working out what to leave out. I'm assuming then that individual findings chapters can be dedicated to different outputs, but don't quote me on that bit! Otherwise, I agree there is the potential for publication post-doc.

Hope you're enjoying PhD life so far!

Mog :-)

Co-supervisor from a different university?

Hi! I agree with what has been said. I have 3 supervisors, with a variety of titles, two from my own university & the third on another continent. The arrangement works really well with lots of e-mail contact and one rather novel conference call to the other side of the globe.
As long as you are working with individuals who you can keep in regular contact with all should be well.
I hope it works out well for you, Mog

Writing up in 100 days - jan 5th deadline.

Just to say thinking of you (gift)

duplicated literature review section of an article

Hi Mamara,
You would have to ensure that the two reviews were different, otherwise you are self-plagiarising.

Viva on Tuesday

Just wanted to add my best wishes with the others! No tips I'm afraid, but I'll be thinking of you.
Knock 'em over, Mog

How to talk about yourself in the dissertation

Hi D,

Andrews has a good paper which talks about finding your voice - 'Argumentation, Critical Thinking and the Post-Graduate Dissertation' (2007) Educational Review. He talks of the balance between the personal & impersonal & how to give your work an impassioned feel.
I've been positively encouraged to include myself in the work, in the 1st person, for example outlining my own progression almost in real-time as the research has progressed. I'm telling a story in which I have played a part, so 'I' have to be in it!!
Have you tried looking at other PhD theses on the British Library Ethos site? I'm sure you'll find examples of how to include the personal story.

Best of luck, Mog


Hi Ciarán! Start the first lesson by introducing yourself & giving a general idea of your background, then the students know who you are & how it is you have any justification for standing in front of them.

If they're first years chances are they'll be nervous, but they'll warm to someone friendly and genuine.

As you know your subject that's brilliant, because you can enthuse & enthusiasm is infectious. Also, you're unlikely to be faced with any questions you can't answer, but if you do just be honest - open up to the rest of the class or offer to find out by next week.

Slowly count to 7 (in your head!) after asking a question, leaving silence/thinking time, then follow with a prompt or further question if nothing is immediately forthcoming. Don't be alarmed by the silence.

Finally, if you're nervous don't use a laser pointer!!

I've been doing it for 4 years & I love it - I hope it goes well for you too.

Mog (up)

Length of literature review...

Suddenly there came the crushing realisation that I had been duped!!

Length of literature review...

I've been advised to keep all chapters roughly the same length. So, 80,000 words (as I laughingly remind myself!), 8 chapters, about 10,000 a chapter. My supervisor also told me, early on, that the thesis pretty much writes itself, so I'm looking forward to sitting back & watching that happen!!
Mog ;-)