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MPhil to PhD transfer

It's been confirmed today that my date for application to transfer from MPhil to PhD is next month. I've had to submit a chapter & then I have a 1.5 hour viva, then it's 'transfer immediate', 'transfer after minor amendments' or 'continue on to MPhil'.
Has anyone else been through the same/similar & are there any tips?
Many thanks,

theoretical position

Hi Robkarki,
I found myself in a similar position & received some sound words of wisdom, here under a thread entitled 'What am I? It's a question of philosophy'. It's worth checking out.
Cheers, Mog (up)

Quitting - no teaching prospects?

Hi Bonzo,
Have you thought about teaching HE in an FE college?
Just a thought!

Writing. Is it something you can learn?

I agree with Bilbo. In addition, use a thesaurus & make a list of terminology, like your own dictionary. I've got a list on the wall by my computer entitled 'A place for words to use!' & it's now covered in useful words, definitions & phrases. This has been really useful in extending my vocabulary & helping me to focus on an academic style & tone. Good luck! :-)

What am I? It's a question of philosophy!

OK, I'm quite prepared to be laughed off the forum or be told I'm a bit of a dunce, but here's the rub: I know what I believe, but I don't know how to categorize that belief. I think I might be a humanist but I also quite like the notion of critical realism and social constructivism sounds good too! What if I don't fully fit any philosophical standpoint?
If you don't find this post too silly for words I'd love some advice.
From the blunt end of the brick wall I've hit, many thanks Mog :$

finding out who's done PhDs in one's area

The British Library database at ethos.bl.uk might be a good place to start.
Good luck! Mog

Books on PhD

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Hi Chococake,
I'd have to recommend a book I first saw on this forum, Joan Bolker's 'Writing your
dissertation in 15 minutes a day'. It's great, even at your early stage, with fab
tips on planning, goal setting & writing that first draft.
Good luck!

Co-authorship question

OK! Um, what's a PI? :$

Co-authorship question

Hi all.
This is probably a dumb question but I'm intrigued by occasional mentions of co-authorship in this forum. Is it expected that your supervisor/s will be co-authors on any papers that get published during the research?
Cheers, Mog :$

Survey incentive scheme

Hi Billy,
I used book tokens as an incentive in an on-line questionnaire with no problems - there's plenty of research saying it is fine as long as you're not offering the moon on a stick.
Good luck, Mog (up)

Ideas anyone?

Hi Sim,

Publishers pay for reviews of text books, so it may be worth contacting some in your field to see what they offer.

Good luck! (up)

A happy thread!

Hi from a happy Mog. I had my first poster abstract accepted & I'm off tomorrow to my first big conference to stand next to the poster & hope a few people come up to say hello. I'm excited & happy, so I thought I'd share the feeling!!
Hope the A Team lived up to expectations.
Mog :-)

The One Goal Thread

OK, I'm probably way behind everyone else here but I'm going to do my 15 minutes of free-writing, then 15 minutes more! (I sound like I've developed a Bolker obsession). After that I'd better get the washing in.

Phd: Any positive experiences?

Hi Zipidee
Congratulations on starting your PhD adventure & I hope you enjoy it as much as many of us on here do. I love exploring a topic of my own choice & discussing issues with an amazing supervisory team. There are some duff bits & personal negatives - my own is transcribing interviews, but I'm going to change my attitude so I can recognise the benefits. I enjoy writing & thinking & doing something for myself, not as an obligation to anyone else.
Good luck & have fun! Mog :-)

Bolker book - thank you!

Hi all forumites on this sunny afternoon. I simply wish to thank all of you who have recommended Joan Bolker's indispensable '15 minutes a day' book. It arrived yesterday & I can already see how much difference it will make to my writing and my sanity.
Thanks from a happy Mog!! :-)