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Need advice about appeal procedures against the results of the university examination

Hi, Withhope!

Yes, please feel free to text me via inbox. I’ll be happy to help.

Take care!

Job application references

Hello everyone!

I was checking a position for an academic post and they ask for ‘Name and address of five references for peer review
(These references should be commissioned by the Appointment Committee)’. I’m confused about these names. Should be people that know me, people from my field but who not necessarily knows me, or both?

Thanks !

Need advice about appeal procedures against the results of the university examination

I totally agree. Avoid bias or confront examiners opinions - in my university, actually, the regulation says I cannot go against ‘academic evaluations’.

I had crappy examiners who did not read my thesis. Even though, they asked for modest amendments without clear requests. After corrections the examiners suggested me a Mphil.

They justified the downgrade asking for new materials that were not requested after the final viva (surprisingly, one of them asked me to change half of the thesis). They were a total mess. Both of my supervisors turned their back to me.

A barrister from alpha academics helped me with the appeal. He mentioned some of the university regulations and explained the irregularities attached with my evidences (emails, examiners and supervisors reports, etc).

Stay strong. You will win this too

I am quitting my PhD

I wouldn’t mention the first PhD. I’d say I was spending time with family and preparing proposals for the PhD

Study buddy

Hi Busra!

This is not my field, but I’ve done a PhD. Even English is not my first language, I believe I can give you sone tips. If still interested, please write me a private message.


Need advice about appeal procedures against the results of the university examination


I’ve been through a similar situation and won. Here are my tips:
1. Be patient and don’t tell the university about your appeal for now;
2. Read the university regulations and stick to procedural irregularities (that’s most the cases);
3. Be careful with student union (the one from my uni said they did not have expertise to deal with PhD cases);
3. Find evidences of every episode (unfair treatment, bias, etc).
4. If you can, hire a barrister. It has been an investment of years and UK universities are corporatists. You should prepare a great appeal to have any change.

Good luck !

After the complaint, what should I do if the university doesn’t take an action?

I believe she/he is trying to prevent other students to experience distressful experiences at uni. I think it is a generous and brave act. Supervisors in this country are often untouchable. The bad ones, like anyone else, should learn from their mistakes.

Suggestion on IELTS score and admissions

I’d send an email to the university registry explaining my case absolutely concerns. I’ve met students who went for a ‘English Summer School’ at the university because they could not get the minimum grade in some of the IELTS’ brand. Maybe you can go do the same. Otherwise, I’d redo the exam... good luck!