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Moving to new city and living alone - bad idea?

I agree with Dan... It's up to you to engage yourself and try to "live into" your new place.
Do you live by yourself right now?

What cheers you up?

How about a nice bouquet of flowers or even better, dedicate a song to her on the radio! :)

please help me by giving your opinion!

Never heard of her :S

Totally Ashamed

Look at all this support!! It must give you some strength!

Feeling suicidal

Just do it!!! Think of how much you already invested into your studies, you can't just stop and give up. It is those kind of challenges that eventually make you grow personaly and academically. You've got the power!

latex question

What is latex good for as opposed to word?

Yet another relationship advice post from me

Time heals all...

When to get married?

I would say at the end of the 2nd year, this way you can really examine how the relationship works during stressful times.