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Paper help
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It should be in your in box ;-)

Conference paper/poster/abstract
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Acting on my sups encouragement, I submitted an abstract to a conference for a paper presentation this summer - it was accepted - so soon I will have to sort out a presentation!!! I am not expecting to be asked for a journal paper (hope not anyway as there isn't one:$).

I am aiming to look at the abstract and cobble a 15 minute talk together - search refs/make powerpoint etc

Fingers crossed as sooo nervous!!! It would be better if it was about research meths/results, but it's not, it's about issues in the literature! I'm hoping I won't totally embarrass myself!!:-(

I really need to get a grip
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You are doing so well - now for the final push - get your list done and you'll feel better - at least you can start ticking things off then and see your progress. You've still got weeks to go so plenty of time ;-)

You will be fine - 1 step at a time!!!! Go for it! And good luck!

BTW my PhD is also to do with dementia :-)

article request
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Sorry no luck :-(

Early submission in 6 weeks, viva in 7 weeks!
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KB I'm sure you will be fine :-) Sometimes a bit of pressure can bring out the best of you - it's easier to get into the "zone" by working intensely, rather than just chugging along.

Go for gold, give it your best and good luck with the funding!!!! Just think, it will all be over in 7 weeks!!!!! ;-)

how to reply to others' comments on your own post
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Ummmmmmm :-(, maybe it's water on the keyboard ;-)[/quote] Must be!!! Lol! I think I'll leave the quotes if this is a no go!!!

And it was.........A BIG FAIL!!!!!!

I never wanted the big purple box thing anyway;-)

how to reply to others' comments on your own post
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Make sure you use the quote button and start your reply after the ']'
;-)[/quote] Is this it? Please let me nail this!!!!!!

No - The shame!!!!!:$

how to reply to others' comments on your own post
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I'm tired, have just come home to a home pc not working (that's what happens when a 13 year old boy throws a bowl of water over another 13 year old boy but gets the keyboard instead :-s)


I'm just practicing quoting (never done it on here before either)!!!! But I know what you mean about boys and computers - my 11 year old spilt his drink over the laptop the other day GGrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I guess I did it wrong!!!!! LOL (how will I ever get a PhD!!!!)

Need to finish sooner
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Is there anyway you could power on and finish by September? If so, perhaps set out an achievable plan to show your supervisor before you broach the subject with him. It may show him you are prepared to step up the pace and that the extra time will not be needed.

Failing that I think Sneaks idea is a good one.

Good luck!!

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Pineapple!!! So pleased it's all worked out for you 8-) You are an inspiration!

When you've finished celebrating and if you don't mind - I'd love to hear about the Viva

Well done!!!

Coming to the end of 1st Year
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Hi, I'm also 9 months in and also worried that I haven't done enough!!! It took me about 6 months to get my research questions sorted (my PhD is in a totally different area to my MA) and I've now completed my protocol and am going through the ethics procedure (social science). I hoped I would be at this point about 4 months ago!!!! I have written a draft article, but not much more for my literature review!!

I feel I should/could have been doing so much more!! My supervisors seem pleased with my progress, but it just took me so long to get to grips with the literature and find a feasible gap to research. I try not to worry too much - my upgrade will be between Oct 2011 and Mar 2012 so I will have some data collection completed by then. I plan to thrash my literature review out in the next 2 months (something I should have done already!)

It is nice to know we all have similar worries, but I do think I need to up my game!!

Good luck Basictonal


Endnote q
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Hi, Thank you Moonblue and Doodles, I've just tried the comma and it works :-)
Soooo simple - now I can't believe I didn't put one there anyway!!!!
Cheers!! (up)

Endnote q
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Hi, I also have an Endnote problem.

If I want to add a report etc authored by "British Caterpillar Society"
It just sets the author as British - I can change the actual reference in the text, but cannot seem to change the reference at the end of the document.
The only way I can do it is if I put British-Caterpillar-Society as the author and then I'm stuck with the dashes!!!!

Any ideas??

I've not had the 2010/2011 problem, as yet!!

Paper request please!
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Sorry, tried, but no luck :-(

I keep crying :(
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Hi KB,

I'm not at that stage of my PhD yet, but sometimes, generally, when I'm busy or stressed I can feel the same. It just comes over you unexpectedly, especially if someone is nice to you! Perhaps it's hormones too?

It usually lasts for a few days until I am less stressed - so perhaps take a step back for a moment and look at the positives in your thesis.

Try not to worry about your supervisor the PhD is a journey and bound to have highs and lows - I'm sure they've seen it before and will again!

Good luck KB xx