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Hello Forumites,

Sneaks suggested we set up this thread for people to post on once they've passed their viva. I'm sure you'd still like to have your own "Yay I passed my viva!" threads as usual, but then perhaps you could also add your details (viva pass date, etc) onto here so that we can see all our new Drs at a glance.

Enjoy! :-)


Hi Sneaks,

That seems like a nice idea. I'll set a thread up now.

Caz x

The FindAMasters and FindAPhD Postgraduate Study Fair at Manchester

Hi Forumites,

FindAMasters and FindAPhD (our other websites) are sponsoring this event, so thought I'd post some info up here in case anyone is interested! It's a great event for anyone considering postgraduate study, and we'll be there so you can come and say hello too!

Caz :-)

The FindAMasters and FindAPhD Postgraduate Study Fair at Manchester

The FindAMasters and FindAPhD Postgraduate Study Fair at Manchester
Wednesday 17 November 2010, 10:30am - 4pm
Manchester Central (formerly the G-MEX Centre), Manchester

Now in its 17th year, this highly regarded fair is an excellent forum for students to talk to representatives from institutions of higher education offering postgraduate course places for 2011. Thousands of university postgraduate course places are on offer.


Over 90 INSTITUTIONS from throughout the UK and overseas will be represented, as well as a range of advisory bodies to help you find the right courses for you including FindAMasters.com, FindAPhD.com, PostGraduateStudentships, the Training & Development Agency for Schools, Graduate Prospects, TARGETcourses to name a few.
If you’re interested in overseas study, you can meet with the US-UK Fulbright Commission (for postgraduate study in the USA), Study Overseas UK (for Australian, American and Canadian information), Study Options (for information about study in Australia & New Zealand), The Australian Trade Commission, The Swiss Embassy and SEG for study in Switzerland, The German Academic Exchange and many more.

Why attend?

As a graduate, further study is often the next step to develop your career prospects, or change career direction. The Postgraduate Study Fair is your chance to plan your future by meeting representatives from all these institutions and advisory bodies under one roof – make contact, ask your questions and get personal one-to-one attention without travelling round the country - check out the exhibitor list for the attending institutions who are offering courses and further training once you’ve graduated..

What's on offer
• Information on funding and postgraduate course vacancies commencing September 2011 - find out what courses you can do, and where.
• Personal contact with course representatives from over 90 institutions, all in one place - your chance to find out if a particular course or university would suit.
• The chance to register your interest in doing postgraduate study at a particular university.
• Individual professional help from a team of experienced careers advisers, there to answer your questions.
• Expert advice through a programme of short talks on topics such as postgraduate study overseas, teacher training, what doing a PhD is really like and the all-important one “FUNDING OPTIONS”...

Who is it for?

• Final-year students thinking about your options beyond your degree.
• First or second year students thinking ahead to what you can do after your first degree.
• Recent graduates looking to add to your skills and qualifications.
• Experienced graduates exploring career development opportunities.

Whatever stage you are at with your career thinking, a visit to the Postgraduate Study Fair will clarify your options and help you plan your next step

Researchers in Residence Scheme info

Hello Forumites! We were sent this info, and thought it might perhaps be of interest to some of you.

*Maximise the impact of your research the fun way*

Maximise the impact of your research, develop your transferable skills and have fun by engaging secondary school via the RCUK-funded Researchers in Residence scheme.

The Research Councils encourage your participation in the scheme which places early-stage career researchers (PhD and post doc researchers) in host secondary schools to inspire 11-19 year olds about their work. It gives researchers the opportunity to bring their knowledge to bear through a range of activities including demonstrations, discussions, careers talks or university visits.

To apply or listen to podcasts that covers a researchers placement experience visit www.researchersinresidence.ac.uk.

What should our next office pet be?

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I think I vote for Teeks' suggestions of degus! I googled them and they look very cute! We were also wondering about pygmy hedgehogs...

On another note, I should also introduce my new colleague Amy, who has posted below. She will now also be moderating the forum along with myself, Sascha and the rest of the PGF team.

What should our next office pet be?

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Hello Forumites,

Hope you are all doing ok. As many of you will know, we had a lovely little office gerbil called Foxy. Sadly, he became very poorly and was put to sleep by the vet on Tuesday :-( He was very cute and he will be missed very much.

The office now feels a bit empty without him, so thoughts have now turned to finding ourselves a new office pet. We would therefore welcome any suggestions (we're not allowed a tiger or an elephant - I've already asked).

If you have any ideas (preferably realistic ones!), please let us know.

Caz x

Election Poll

Hi Satchi,

You don't need your polling card to vote. Just take some form of ID in case they need to check.


Bad jokes

What do you feed an invisible cat?

Evaporated milk.

Work gone...

Just to check, have you double-checked for it in the Recycle Bin? I'm sure you already have but thought it was worth an extra mention!

the film review thread

I went to see Valentine's Day on Friday. It's basically an American version of Love Actually, with several stories going on at once, which all eventually overlap in some way. It takes place in LA on Valentine's Day (what a suprise!) and follows the story of several couples and a few token singletons. It explores different types of relationships, and is a pretty stereotypical chick flick. Most of the plot is fairly cliched (as expected really) and you can generally guess where most of the storylines are headed, but there are a couple of minor unexpected bits too towards the end. It's generally entertaining, with a couple of absolutely hilarious moments thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed it (and the boyfriend found it to be just about acceptable!) and would defo reccommend it if you like chick flicks. None of it is too cringe-worthy, and it's full of big names (Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, and lots of other v famous people). In a nutshell, it's a nice story about love and stuff, with lots of very attractive famous people. (up)

New Post Doc Section

Yes indeed - you asked and we listened! :-)

PHD advice
Geek-tastic presents - what did you get?

Quote From jinkim65:

My favourite present was this uber fantastic egg-shaped japanese cat which meows when you pet it, and says stuff in japanese, and when you play with it too much, it gets really angry.

Wow!! What make is it/where can I get one??? It sounds awesome!

For Xmas I got the digitally remastered DVD of The Little Mermaid (too amazing to be classified as geeky), some pink glittery tights and pink stripy socks with pictures of reindeer on (too cute to be classified as geeky), and a pink computer mouse completely encrusted in glittery "diamonds" (too sparkly to be classified as geeky) :p

Follow Foxy on Twitter

Foxy is most unimpressed by your negative comments, Wally. He wishes to tell you that clearly your sister's pet was NOT a gerbil. He would like you to know that gerbils are diurnal, and that he and his fellow gerbils would never dream of playing on their wheels at night - they are far too busy napping and being cute. Foxy also says that his tail is firmly attached and that he resents the accusation that his tail is of a substandard quality. In addition, he says that you are a fine one to talk, considering that you yourself presumably don't even have a tail (perhaps your comments are motivated by tail-envy?). In conclusion, Foxy suggests that your sister's childhood pet was in fact an evil hamster with a fake tail (aka a wannabe gerbil), and that you should really get your facts straight before making such wild and slanderous aspersions.