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Advise on using two different study populations

Ooop, it appears you've posted your query 3 times!

Sounds like a good idea. Two populations will help to contextualize the findings. Will you interview nurses and adolescents?

I have a similar query...

I'm going to be running focus groups with healthcare professionals and interviews with patients and would like to know if anyone has experience of analysing FG data and interview data and what the potential pitfalls are.

Please help: Philosophical framework as applied to Strauss and Corbin's Approach

If you read Corbin and Strauss (2008) Basics of Qual Research (3rd edition) there is an opening chapter about the philosophical framework that GT sits in (symbolic interactionism and pragmatism). There are some texts available about pragmatism e.g.
http://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Pragmatism.html?id=Swg3FN9Ryi8C and some about research methods where pragmatism is discussed e.g. http://www.amazon.com/Designing-Conducting-Mixed-Methods-Research/dp/1412927927

If you read about pragmatism, you'll find that it abandons notions of ontology and epistemology, taking a more methodological/empirical/pragmatic approach.

Hope this all helps.

Working at home

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I can understand this issue! I have worked from home a lot and will do so more in future as my job is in a different city to my home (also 2.5-3hours each way!)

Some cities have things like this http://coffeebirmingham.co.uk/superjelly/ for at-home workers. It can be a nice way to get out of the house, talk to people, have a good coffee and hear some gentle background music :) I recommend it!

(Jelly, it appears, is a nationwide thing with groups all over the country, and there may be others like it..)

Postgrad Forum Hall of Fame

Passed with minor corrections 29th October :)
Aiming to submit everything so I can graduate in December, otherwise it'll be July 2013!

1st step after getting ph.D........?
Viva Preparation Advice

I think with (1) and (2), it's a matter of seeing how it goes...if you can talk without looking at notes so it's more like a conversation, that's good, but because the examiners may have missed something in your thesis, you could mention in passing that you have talked about this further on page xxx.

3. How to answer viva question on the motivation of the research - "What made you do this piece of research? Why did you choose this topic? Why do you think it's important"

Even if you didn't come up with the project yourself, you can say why you were drawn to it over other PhD topics, and you can still saw why you think it's important. Many PhD students will have come to a ready-designed project, so you don't need to worry about this issue :)

Viva preparation

My viva is very soon. About a third of the way through rereading it. Got to reread lots of literature.

So many typos :( Noticed about 82 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so far, and still got more thesis to read than I have done already!

My final push diary

The worry is starting to creep in now. I anticipate it will manifest as a massive anti-climax when I've submitted due to thoughts that it could have been better...got tomorrow and Sunday to brush it up. I may get an extra copy printed just to burn it in the garden :P


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This is useful for me too :)
Events calendar here!


My final push diary

I'm submitting on Monday..It feels rather weird. I don't have the sense of panic and urgency I would have expected to have. I am worried about things going wrong on Monday, like printing etc. I really want it handed in early in the morning so I can enjoy the relief.

I know what I hand in could be written better. But I need to get it in. I could spend another 6 months brushing it up! Still worried that my final chapter isn't good enough, but my brain's hit a brick wall with it.

Good luck all. x

My final push diary

Congrats Larry David! :D :D :D

HELP! What goes in a final chapter? (overall discussion/conclusions)

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Beaauuuuutiful. Thanks so much guys! <3 I've been working on it all day and your suggestions are all really helpful.

RibenaGirl, I'm ready to throw my laptop out of the windoe - i.e I'm also very fed up with it!
I think it's pretty common for the last chapter to be a struggle...it's the 'I've run out of steam and just want this over with' chapter :P

My final push diary

Two weeks til I submit....

Need to finish the final chapter
Work on the chapter summaries
Do/collate the references
Proof read x 10000.


HELP! What goes in a final chapter? (overall discussion/conclusions)

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Hi all

Mine's a health/social science PhD, where i've done interviews, followed by a quant survey. So my chapters are: intro, lit review, methodology, qual methods, qual findings, qual discussion, quant methods, quant results, quant discussion, and now the final chapter, which I am currently rewriting.

I've currently got a diagram/framework thing to bring all my results together. In terms of prose, I'm currently writing a short paragraph to summarise each chapter to say what I did, what the limitations were, what was novel, and how it linked to the next stage. Trouble is, it's getting LONG. And I feel like I'm repeating myself. It's 2000 words already and I've only summarised 5 out of 9 chapter.

Any tips on what should go in it?

I'm DAYS from submitting. HEEEEELLLLPPPPPP (down)

PhD to MPhil - not enough substantial work? what does it mean?

I could easily write 300 - 500 pages of b*llshit.. :P