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I think I'm a bit sad :(

Hi Keenbean, I just read your post and since I am studying right now I was very happy to know someone else is grappling with this problem too. I started just jotting down thoughts 'to follow up after the break' but its starting to take over my day as I started reading and then noting. Maybe the answer is to just do a couple of hours work maximum to keep the brain charged up and then go shopping/ to the movies etc to keep away from study. I'm sure we'll work better later if we have a break now, but it is very hard to do that if there is spare time, no distractions and plenty of work to be done! But I'm going to do one more hour and then stop for the day and hope you can too. Cheers

I'm poor and cold

Quote From intheheadplease:

Move to Australia (up)

It's cold in Australia too at the moment, at least where I am, sitting here typing in fluffy lined boots, and looking meaningfully at the fluffy warm cat.

Im not getting any smarter...

I'm so glad to read all these posts and know I'm among good company:-) I have been feeling like this a lot, especially since I need to learn a large amount of unfamiliar material at the moment. I think it gets easier to learn as our knowledge base builds up and more newly learned concepts are connected with what we already know; at least, that happened when I read for my honours thesis, but I haven't reached that stage with my PhD yet. I also feel as though I'm not as smart as I was, and feel like as though I should be reading/ writing all the time, weekends, evenings etc. I'ts a real challenge, punctuated by very rare 'Aha!' moments of enlightenment.

grumpy student? (me, not the undergrads)

Probably a one off situation in terms of how bad the tutors in your class are, but having said that, I think as PhD students we spend so much time critically evaluating the work of other writers in our field, and our own results and work, that evaluation becomes second nature and its hard not to do it automatically everywhere. I'm sure I'm less inclined now to tolerate what is clearly rubbish for the sake of 'not rocking the boat'. You were absolutely right to express your views in this obviously bad situation, and suspect the other students and probably the tutors were admiring your integrity and interest in the class, rather than thinking you were a 'cranky renegade'. Your tutors will hopefully use your feedback to improve their teaching: if no-one complains they won't realise they have a problem.

The usual: stuck and depressed in my PhD

Hi- I hope you feel better, having put your thoughts in writing. You don't mention which Humanities discipline you are studying in but you seem to be very passionate about issues around internationalisation, globalisation, colonisation and cultural differences. Are these topics you could incorporate into your PhD? You might feel more positive about your study and being in the UK if you are working on a topic which matters to you. I'm doing a Humanities PhD too; and I am British and very proud of it, and my sense of humour;-) though I married an Aussie and have lived there most of my life. Good luck

Presenting in front of supervisors!

Absolutely, my first presentation, anywhere ever, was presenting my research proposal to the department, including both my supervisors. Forcing myself to go to uni that day was one of the hardest things I have ever done, I was so terrified. (It was OK though). So I'm with everyone who says it's scary to present to people we know, whose opinion really matters, and a big thanks to jepsonclough for suggesting Bach rescue remedy, I'll be trying that next time:-)

Feeling like my life is going nowhere

Hi, I'm glad you shared this, as I think a lot of people feel the same way. What I wanted to add is that there is no 'best' order to do things like buying a house or going to uni or starting a career in. In my case (I'm in my forties), I got married young and had 2 fairly ordinary careers to make some money to help feed and educate our kids, and studied part-time for my undergraduate degree, before I finally got around to starting the PhD which I always hoped I would do. Try not to compare yourself with other people too much (we all do, I know) - they're probably not as happy/successful as we think they are anyway. What's really important is to keep setting your own goals and planning how to make them happen, whether social, investment or career; that's what makes life so exciting and ultimately rewarding. All the best.

Help! I want to drop out of my Phd

Hi Trillian, Would a possible option be for you to convert your PhD to a MPhil or Masters by Research, and use the work you have already done to complete that qualification quickly, get credit for your work so far and get it out of your life? I really hope you find a solution soon, ultimately though, what's best for you and your family matters more than institutional obligations. All the best.

Serious procrastination - re-written songs in the style of phdcomics.com

Love these songs, love an excuse to procrastinate

A song dedicated to my thesis: (a rewrite of The Beatles' ‘When I’m 64’)

When I get older, thesis complete
Several years from now
Will you still be part of every waking thought
Deadlines, meetings, bottles of wine
If I stay up all night until dawn
Will I have written what I’m trying to say?
Will I be mad as a hatter, will you still matter,
When I submit you.

You’ll be longer too
And if you say the word
I’ll re-edit you.

I could be happy, reading the news
Instead of arcane texts.
Never feeling guilty when I’m not with you
Facebook, movies, bottles of wine.
When you're all done will academia say ‘thanks!’
Or does no-one but me care?
Will I be mad as hatter, will you still matter
When I submit you.



Thanks for being so helpful and encouraging, I feel more confident already just knowing other people feel/felt the same way, especially about the memory lapses.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with speaking up and feeling confident, in seminars or just generally? After 6 months of studying for my PhD I thought I'd be able to talk intelligently and confidently about my work, but often find that if one of the academic faculty (except my supervisor) asks me a question I'm mentally going blank or I'm blithering: of course, after the event I know exactly how I should have answered. If anyone else out there has been through this I'd love to know how to deal with it.