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Not heard after postdoc interview - OK to email the PI?

Thanks. I emailed. I didn't get the job :( But at least my current PI still wants to keep me :)

Not heard after postdoc interview - OK to email the PI?

Hi there, was hoping for some advice.
I went for a postdoc interview last Monday. The interviews went on all week as they said they would contact me early next week (now this week). The job is supposed to be starting in 3 weeks time.

Its now only Tuesday but I have a problem. My contract at my current workplace ends in 2 weeks and my PI needs to know asap if I have not got the job so he can then start the process of extending the contract. With Xmas coming up things are very tight! I realise it is only Tuesday (still early in the week) but I wondered if I should send an email asking if I got the position or not.

I was asked to interview by someone from HR, but I have emailed the PI to say thank you for the interview (and he did email back). So would I send this email directly to him, or to HR?

From what my current PI says, I should have heard by now if I had got it (when he gave me my current job I was called 2 hours after the interview ended). I'm not sure if it is normal to not hear for 2-3 days if you have been successful? My PI seems to think not.

I don't want to be pushy about this new position (I really want the job!) but if we don't start the process of extending my contract this week then I'll be completely without a job....

Chances are I'll hear about the post tomorrow but if not I could really do with the advice about sending that email

Not heard back after postdoc application, should I email the PI?

Hi, thanks for replying. Of course, about half an hour after posting this I received an email asking me for an interview! Phew... Now I will probably write another post askng for help with my presentation! Thanks again

Not heard back after postdoc application, should I email the PI?

I was wondering if I can get some advice here…
A month ago I applied for a postdoc I really want. Before I applied I had an informal chat with the PI, who said I would get an interview. I was given an estimated date for the interview that is now in 2 weeks time. But I have not heard anything yet. I know the PI is new, and may not have started his job at the institute yet, so this may be causing the delay. I am not sure if I should send an email to him to ask whether the decision has been made yet as to who will be interviewed… I’m worried as I figure that if the closing date was a month ago that the decision making process must have started by now, even if the PI has not officially started? My current PI has not yet been asked for a reference yet either.
I don’t want to pester him but if I know I haven’t got an interview my current PI can see about getting extra funding for me to stay on where I am now. Besides, I wondered if an email would show that I am extra keen to do the postdoc – or if it would just be annoying?! Thanks

Rant Personal Issues

Sorry - I realised you've said that you have friends in Canada and that's not the issue... Anyway, you can ignore my post!

Rant Personal Issues

You could go on a website like Meetup.com. And just go along to a meetup - you'll meet people easily that way. I'm a couchsurfer (couchsurfing.com) and have couchsurfed across the US and Asia. Couchsurfing do meetups in loads of cities and towns across the world. I've been to a few (Barcelona, Budapest etc) and met people who have never couchsurfed before - but are just ex-pats hoping to meet other ex-pats. If you went to one you'd def meet other people from the UK. Maybe that'll help the homesickness?
If you're in a big city these meetups are usually every week (often more), and usually pretty big - taking over a whole pub, and you can just start up a conversation with anyone in the place. Its great! (and not like a singles night obviously before you think anything like that!)
When I move away I'll definitely try to meet people in this way.
Hope all goes well with you and your family

Thesis vs. depression

Definitely talk to your supervisor. I went through something similar to you (felt totally overwhelmed, couldn't get out of bed) and when I finally went to my supervisor I felt so much better! I'm lucky because he's actually quite nice and reasonable. He told me that I was doing fine, actually better than most students he's had. And this helped to lift me out of my two month long stress fest. You never know - you might be doing much better than you think!
I really hope all goes well for you, little steps. Good luck!

Taking 3 months to a year off to travel after science PhD - bad idea?

KimWipes - was your post a joke?
"The world travelling thingy that every one wants to do these days is extremely overrated now and is not considered as a cool thing anymore"
Who says? Was is ever 'cool'? What have you been reading?
Maybe some strange people with more money than sense do it to be 'cool' (but surely they just end up in Pattaya or Bali or Goa - they're not actually travelling). It's never once crossed my mind. What a strange thing to think??

And I am 33 but I've also not thought of being 'too old' either. As far as I'm aware you don't have to put your age on CVs and I do look a lot younger than my years... Feel it too!

Satchi - I'm definitely going! Somewhere! Ha ha. Certainly for at least 4 months I think. I would definitely do one year if it wasn't for the boyfriend. He won't leave his job, although he could maybe take a month off to meet me somewhere.

I was thinking... cycling and camping around New Zealand for 3 months, then 1-2 months SE Asia...
By the way - I don't have the money to do all this, I will be borrowing it, and travelling on a budget (since when does budget imply crappy food?) But I figure I'll get a job and pay it back in a couple of years. Worth it I think!
Thanks for your interest x

PhD write up support group

Hi, I'm in my 4th year and now have 4 months to finish writing up! Most others in my year have almost finished writing (or near to it), but I've just started, which makes me feel immensly behind. I've also not even finished my lab work yet. So some motivation could really help! (Maybe tell me to get off browsing the internet...?)
My PhD is in molecular biology too.

Taking 3 months to a year off to travel after science PhD - bad idea?

Ha thankyou chickpea and Tree of Life. Although I realise Ian, you meant no harm, it's absolutely fine. But I will mention here that I am so done with hearing "don't worry dear, you'll change your mind..." it is condecending. (By the way I have met the 'right man' by the way and he doesn't want kids either).

Anyway, I know I'm late in posting back here, but just incase anyone else reads this post and is interested in taking time off...
I've now spoken to my supervisors and two project leaders from Germany. The overwhelming response was that taking time off doesn't matter! In fact, my own supervisor said that I could easily take a whole year off. Generally they said that when looking at a CV they want to see publications, and they want to make sure the person will fit in in their lab. If you have an excuse for your time off all will be fine. In fact, a couple of project leaders said time of travelling would be beneficial as it's something they would love to do! Also makes you seem more 'international' with broader horizons, (especially as I've never lived or worked abroad before). In fact not one of them was negative about taking time off... Makes you think.

So now I am thinking of a year off (only problem is I'll miss the boyfriend). Can't wait to finish!

Taking 3 months to a year off to travel after science PhD - bad idea?

Hi everyone, thank you for all your replies - it's much appreciated.
Dr Jeckyll (and Hazey Jane, metabanalysis) the comment about women taking time off for child birth was just chucked in and phrased quite badly... Really what it is is that I'm 33 (and a woman) and have decided not to have children. Its a big thing for me and has made me realise that if I don't want kids then I should really use my life and do something with it that I wouldn't be able to do if I did have them - which has pressed me to want to do this tour.

Maken-Beefy - I did take 4 months off after my degree to travel but couldn't do more as I had no money and I also had a dog at home. I've had responsibility for my dog up until 2 years ago. Although I loved her to bits I always thought that as soon as she passed away and I'd finished my studies I'd have no responsibilities (and I've been saving) and I'd do the tour I'd always wanted to do. Can't go back in time, unfortunately.

HazeyJane - really what I want out of my work life is a job I really like doing everyday - which is working in a lab. I'm not so bothered about a career as such - as long as I get paid a fairly decent wage (post-doc wages seem amazing to me) I'll be happy.

You have given some really good ideas though - visiting an overseas lab and attending a conference sound like a fantastic idea! I already have 2 papers published and will have 2 more published (hopefully!) for after my Viva (hopefully this'll make me look more active...).

Treeoflife - you are saying what I want to hear! Thank you. Although I know in my gut it's a bad idea and very risky, I know its not impossible.

Taking 3 months to a year off to travel after science PhD - bad idea?

I will be finishing my PhD in October and think it would be the perfect time to take some extended time off to travel - specifically a bicycle tour. I have absolutely loved my PhD and really want to get a good postdoc after in research. But as well as science - I love travelling! It has been my dream for most of my life (I'm 33 now) to cycle around the world.
I've been thinking to take 3 months off to do a tour, while searching for jobs. But then I'd be thinking about time off after a post-doc, then another, then another - as my dream of cycling the world wouldn't be complete. So then I thought - why not take a whole year, or 18 months off to do it in one go?

My supervisor (as well as lots of others) think its a bad idea, as I will find it harder to get a job (although they make it sound like I would never get a job...). But surely pursuing a dream is more important? Get it out of the way before a career (after all, most women take time out to have kids - and I won't be doing that).

I could take a technicians job after if I had to - to get back into the swing of lab work and research. (although I'd eventually need a decent job to pay off the debts!) I know someone who used to work my lab who worked in insurance admin for 2 years before getting a technicians post (he had a PhD) - then went on to get an amazing post-doc.

Or... would it be better to take a year out after the first post-doc, than after a PhD? I want to do it at some point (I will regret it if not).

Surely there's more to life than work?

I'd just like peoples thoughts. Have you taken a year out? Know of anyone?


1st Year Student with Anxiety (and Probably Depression)

You sound like you're going through a rough time. I've had major problems with stress recently (I'm in my third year). I went to the doctor and he put me on anti-anxiety tablets which made things much worse (probably as I didn't have anxiety, just stress...) However I have friends who do have anxiety and they say it really works - you just have to put up with the side effects for a month. What made things less stressful for me was talking to a councellor. Realising why I was so stressed out really helped.
However, everyone is differemt - medication works on different people and it might really work for you. There are a few different types so if one doesn't work you could try another. I think you should try that before you decide to quit.

And talk to your supervisor about it. Anxiety is an illness and they shouldn't be able to judge you. Let them know when you're on medication that there are side effects, that you may have to take a few days off, come in late etc - but this no way means you're slacking. You'll still get the work done.
This is what I told my supervisor and I think if you're truthful they'll understand and respect you more for it.
Good luck

Postdoc in USA - 'holiday leave'?

There's a strong chance that I could get a postdoc in the USA. I've been told it's 12 days paid holiday a year (so bad! but what I was expecting). If I want to go back to UK twice a year to see my family - its all used up.
There was something about 12 days of 'holiday leave' as well. Is this optional unpaid holiday? I'd really like to travel the US too so another week or so off for holiday (even unpaid) would be great.
It's a great opportunity I'd never turn down, but travel is very important to me. I don't think 3 weeks off is too much to ask?

6 months to go...argh !

I'm doing molecular biology - so a little different! Also a PhD - I'm guessing you're doing an MA?