Confess your daily food intake and exercise regime


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I have gained alot of weight, 4lbs in just one month!! So i have decided today, I am going to get serious about eating healthy and exercising everyday. I thought it would be nice if a bunch of us got together and formed a sort of support system, whereby we all put down our aims for the day of healthy eating and/or exercise. Then at the end of the day or as the day progresses, share what we have eaten/exercised.

A sort of accountability thread for weight loss ;-)

Any tips or what you have found that has worked to losing weight, would be great too!

So sign on up! Who's with me?


I will! Though Lara, 4lb isn't anything to worry about; I can gain and lose that without doing anything wrong.

Can I treat it as a confessional? Rather than listing everything, which could become obsessive, I'll admit here if I've been a pig on the old muffins/almond croissants from the coffee shop. Knowing that I have to make it public will (I hope) be enough to stop me doing it.

I want Fridays off, though, cos we have a coffee/chocolate biscuit meeting in our group Friday mornings;-).


I haven't been on the scales for ages, mostly because I know what I will see.

However I have hardly left my house while I am writing up and don't go anywhere except a trip to Tesco (by car) now and again. I keep saying to myself, it's only for a little while longer and then I will have money and time to spend on doing myself up, going to the gym, GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE! I keep eating junk too because it makes me feel better (for like a second).


My hair is the longest its ever been though, I have to admit, which is nice. However all my layers have grown out so it looks a bit pants down but easy to put up!


"I haven't been on the scales for ages, mostly because I know what I will see."

Ooh, I know that feeling well. The scales are lurking menacingly in the bathroom but I stay well away.


Hey Juno and H! glad to have you join up.

Yep good idea Juno, about confessing about junk food. and definately good idea about having a day off, i am going to have sundays off. i think you should have one day when you can eat whatever you like, out of the week, otherwise it just gets boring! well the 4lb is ontop of the extra weight i had already gained. so it is quite worrying

H, i totally sympathesis, i didnt weigh myself for a month! i also keep telling myself, as soon as i hand in the damn thesis , i will have time to exercise and eat well etc.


well i've decided to buy myself a mini trampoline! i did some searchers and found a good one, and will buy it as soon as i submit my thesis. but for now, i will try to just exercise using the bike and eating healthy. and see how that goes for the month


Ermmmm, I soon as I wrote that post, I had to have a few spoons of nutella to make myself feel better.

NUTELLA = very bad, don't ever buy it.

Tastes too good :-(

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don't buy apple crumble and custard, just because its getting a bit colder and you feel you have to. :$

buy a dog, to keep you company through late night research and get you out of the house for walks.

drink options hot choc (<40 Kcals) instead of eating your way through bags of M&Ms, minstrels, wine gums etc. while at your desk - I speak from experience

If working from home, make sure you don't slip into 'day pyjamas' trap i.e. wearing joggers and a sweater, with elasticated waist bands - means you have no idea if you are losing weight or not! :$


Oh my god I can totally relate. I'm beginning to obssess about my weight but as the cold sets in, I can't stop myself eating stodge!:-s


i make sure i have a huge tub of dried fruit/nuts on my desk at all times - you can nibble away (almost) guilt free, and if you keep it topped up you are less tempted to wander off for a small snack/family size bar of dairy milk/entire tub of ice cream! i know it sounds boring but the dried fruit is just sweet enough to stop me craving all the lovely bad things :-x


ps. it isn't working for me today, all this talk of nutella is making me hungry..... ;-)


Oh gawd...this thread is so apt!

I've put on lots & lots of weight from bad eating habits, my hermit lifestyle, eating because of stress, and medication. I mostly blame my chocolate addiction though....Chocolate Buttons, Malteasers, Minstrels, Thorntons' chocolates... (oh my).

I have started walking every morning at 7am for just 20-30 minutes at a brisk pace - this seems to have really had some good effects i.e. better mood, increased alertness etc. And the great thing about walking first thing in the morning is the lack of people, so there is no need to do one's hair, put on make-up and look presentable.

I've purchased a pedometer in light of the 10,000 steps a day advice that we are all supposed to do. However, there is no way I have time to walk 10,000 steps a day, but I am aiming for 5,000 steps.

I'm also drinking lots of green tea and eating good stuff.

How long this new lifestyle will last...I'm not sure...but so far, so good.

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Quote From missspacey:

I've purchased a pedometer in light of the 10,000 steps a day advice that we are all supposed to do. However, there is no way I have time to walk 10,000 steps a day, but I am aiming for 5,000 steps.

I bought one of those a few years ago but just ended up sitting on the sofa shaking it so it looked like I had walked lots :$


lol @ sneaks!

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I have lost count of the amount of exercise equipment/gadgets I have bought and never used. Although have to say playstation dance mat and wii fit have been most useful. REALLy want to lose a stone before xmas but find it v difficult when at the desk all day cos my mind wanders onto food.