Everything crossed for Sneaks

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I am a long-time lurker on this forum although I only started my PhD in October 2011. I feel that the forum has given me a really good insight into what to expect from my PhD as well as a connection with the regular posters here. I am sure I am not the only one who is waiting with baited breath to hear how Sneaks got on in her viva – I have everything crossed and hope that the result was good for someone who comes across as level-headed, funny and extremely competent! It has been said before but, it seems so harsh that several years of work is judged (and possibly condemned) in just a couple of hours. I hope that Sneaks’ ordeal is now over and she is so busy spending quality time with the important people in her real world that she simply hasn’t had time to pass on the good news.


I was also wondering if there was any news, but was not 100% sure of the viva date. Fingers definitely crosssed (up) (closest thing to a fingers crossed smily!)


I have also been checking the thread...looking forward to hear from sneaks...


Good luck Sneaks. :)


Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Flipper and everyone
How are you :-)
My very very best wishes to Sneaks
I have only just returned here after a long break
It feels good to be back (looking at all the posts!)

love satchi


Agreed, I've also been checking for news! Good luck sneaks!


I've been looking out for her too, I hope everything has gone ok! Good luck anyway Sneaks!


I've been crossing fingers for news too. Hope she is ok.

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Ditto to all the below... fingers crossed (up)

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Hi Guys,

Sorry not to update. TBH I've been exhausted, I've also had teaching all day today and meetings yesterday, and been driving up and down the country, walking the dog etc. I'm tempted to go to bed in a min and its only 8!

Anyway, .......

I passed :-)

And I am ASTOUNDED to say, with no corrections. It hasn't quite sunk in!




Congrats 8-)

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I have to say I owe SO much to this forum and all its members!

Defo thanks Bilbo for the 'Bilbo-5' as I like to call it.

My sup did rip apart my prepared answers the night before though!

If walminski is lurking anywhere - you got into the acknowledgements! (that's proper fame that is!) - maybe PM me your actual name though to be sure I've spelled it correctly :p



Or, as we say in Greece (and I will write it in Latin letters), Sincharitiria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!