Jojo's Writing Up Diary - The Race for the First Draft


Hello everyone, I have set a day by which i'll submit my first draft. I'm aiming for the 9th June with final submission on Sept 15th latest. I'm gonna report on how much i'll have done each day and see if am able to meet my target on time. i have about three draft chapters and my thesis has five chapters. am gonna be writing to 'near perfection' so that after that i do not have many corrections to make. am not collecting data either, just analysing what i've got. so lets see if it can be done in three and a half months! i encourage those who are writing up to also create their diaries so we can see how we are all doing and cheer each other on.

hope your day is going ok. mine is certainly better than it has been in a long time. thanks :-)


Keep going, we're all with you!


I hope you meet the deadline, jojo


I'll join in- ive got drafts of two chapters done, analysing for 3 more chapters as we speak (no more data collection). Money runs out in June (eek!).
I'm too frightened to set a date though........


That's exactly my timing too - I'm aiming for a complete draft late May/early june then official submission by 30 September. I nearly have four draft chapters, another two then conclusions to churn out. Each chapter feels like a tiny island. I think I'll a bit of work to do drawing everything together at the end to make sure my thesis tells one coherent story but I'm trying not to get too bogged down by that at the moment. It's good to know others are at the same stage!


Good luck! I'll be watching...


good luck Jojo.


thanks everyone and all the best Krashty.

this week am doing a literature review. i managed to read and summarise one article today. spend about two hours on it. i need to spend a few more hours on my thesis each day. but am happy with what i've achieved for the day. off to sleep now.


all the best birdsandbees {was quite heavy-eyed when i last read the posts.. therefore.. bla bla bla}


Cheers- I'm currently fighting with R this week....great stuff


at the risk of sounding ... R? what's that?


Way to go JoJo!


hey, today (21/02/08) i managed three hours of work. attended a lecture and collected relevant lit. was too busy running errands to do more. am happy tho. will read em all tomorrow.

i may have to do an alnighter one of these days to incorporate literature and submit revised chapter next week.

thanks Olivia.


did a bit of reading today. taking a while off. may be back later.


way to go, jojo. you are obviously aware that you can't go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds, so you are taking it easy, one step at a time, building up your working hours. but this taking it easy also entails taking breaks. a day totally off at the weekend might be just the thing. hope you are doing something nice and finding it relaxing!