Snowing here! All very pretty and snug from inside with a hot chocolate and furry slippers but I'm rethinking my plan of going up to London this afternoon...! Just thought I'd point out that rather than be repulsed by marmite being a recycled waste product I think it's great that such a thing has another use rather than being thrown away! Also, it's excellent added to a thick stew.

I note that nobody's mentioned Bovril in this great debate: is it too old-fashioned? Much loved by my granny! :-)


Looks like I'll be eating Naan and pita bread in future then and I'll have to think twice about drinking - that won't last long though. I've lost this argument - damn. I shall leave you to your marmitephile ways.

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hmm now bovril. My mum and dad pretty much took me off beef about 5 years before the BSE crisis broke. I was brought up in the country in the middle of farms and there were rumblings amongst the farmers that perhaps feeding cows other cows, maybe wasn't working out so well. THey still don't eat beef and I only eat organic good quality steak etc. - so would have to say a big no to bovril, or anything similar e.g. oxo, bisto etc.


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Another Branston Pickle on bread person!! I'm not the only freak!

Lol, thanks for that Cobweb ;-)


I'm an inbetweener on this one... I don't purposefully seek out marmite, and I've never actually bought it, but I don't really mind it. I used to have it on my sarnies as a kid. I wouldn't say I love it though. What I love is cheese. Or chocolate spread.

Cobweb there is no tick box for me...:p


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Maria is sensible and a connoisseur of fine foodstuffs.

Yes, Marmite is the food of the Devil. M,x


Arrgh Marmite is Satan's spunk - nasty yeast poo, in effect. Peanut butter is much nicer for toast!


Urrghh! Ragingwitch! Peanut butter is the devil's earwax! Horible, horrible stuff. (down)


Very, very good for you is peanut butter, but yeah, I hate it too Cobweb. It seems so senseless to slaughter peanuts and then spread their guts on bread. Bovril? The coffee of wannabe cannibals and hillbillies. Bisto? A mark of civilised society and the binding component of a Sunday lunch - Christmas would be ruined without it.

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Bisto? A mark of civilised society and the binding component of a Sunday lunch - Christmas would be ruined without it.

eww no that's wrong. I say bread sauce all the way!


I think I agree with louisa, a sudden interest in marmite could be the brain's way of saying you're low on vitamin B's.
Oh how I love the happy little vitamin B's :-x

I think there is an art to spreading the sticky brown stuff: very thinly indeed - like the thin coating on twiglets

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ooh yes, twiglets and xmas, go hand in hand. My husband is very upset they discontinued the tangy ones, but I found them disgusting. Now its odd, he hates marmite but does eat original twiglets, which are clearly marmite based


This thread has acculturated and socialized me generally :-)

After reading everything, I have conclude that I shall never touch the following:

1. Marmite
2. Veggiemite
3. Twiglets
4. Branston pickle
5. Peanut butter
6. Earwax (well, of course)

I know opinions are divided, but apart from Jinkim they seem to be love or hate, and I am too scared of the hate, so life without the 6 above had gone on fine and will go on well!

Have a turkey everyone(turkey) with a side of healthy sprouts to ruin it (sprout)


When they're all put together like that they look pretty nasty don't they?

Maybe we should create a paste with a mixture of all of the below ingredients. Hmmm...what shall we call it?

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Bug - I thought americans loved 'jelly and peanut butter sandwiches' ??

urgh - if anyone comes near me with pickle I will scream.