It's healthy to a certain extent...but apparently if you eat too much you can get thrush! (robin) TWEET! Oh, my's a robin.


Eugh. I never knew that. :-(


I must respond to walminski's poetic take on honey, but in defence of my beloved brown spread!

On the joys of marmite (its virtues, inFInite) or Ode to a yeasty delight

A salty apothecary
For last nights debauchery
Cure for spirits most
Upon the humble toast
Topped with cheese for cakegirl
None for wally (such a churl)
B vitamins for all
marmite, I am in your thrall


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WHOO HOOOOO!! 50/50!!!!! :p :-s :-) (up) (up) (up)

Teek, you did it!!! (like in Peter Pan where you have to clap your hands if you believe in fairies to save tinkerbell's life).

You believed in marmite!!! And the Marmite Lover results went up!!


hehehe that was me Cobweb, I couldn't bear to see marmite losing in the poll, so I sneaked in and voted and then sneaked off again as am at work. Very satisfying to see the numbers change though! We just need one more person to tip us into the lead!

I love it, :-x I used to eat spoonfuls of it when I was a kid, possibly one of my stranger 'snacks' along with cups of uncooked cold custard and scraping out the insides of empty toothpaste tubes.... hhhmmm not so tasty-sounding in retrospect... :$


Duly tipped, by a long-time lurker (4.5years!) and marmite lover... second the cheese...


"It's official! The results are in! Marmite Lovers have won!"

...well, actually, the polls will close beginning of Jan...but I'm just too excited. (sprout)


uhhm cobweb I see the haters at 51 and the lovers at 49... :-)


Like an Afganistan election I'm voting twice in favour of Marmite! (I know Marmite wasn't running for election, but if it was...)

Oh hang about, it won't let me. What kind of democracy is this?! Only one vote?(robin)


Oh no! What happened!?


Quote From phdbug:

uhhm cobweb I see the haters at 51 and the lovers at 49... :-)

It's because I'd just come around (sorry Cobweb)... but someone came after me and brought it back to 50/50.

I am stunned to see a half of the voters went for the 'love it' option!