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Paper request

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Ady you are an absolute star!!! They arrived fine. Thank you *so* much! Now to see if I can make anything of them...

Edit: Thanks again Ady, you saved me from wasting precious pennies - the protocols add near zilch to what's already stated in the (fairly comprehensive) manuals or in the forums!

Paper request

I'd *really* appreciate sight of these two papers. I would buy the dratted things if I *knew* they'd be useful but, without having seen them, I've no way of knowing! And I'd really resent throwing away ~£40 that I can ill afford. Gah!!! I've tried all the libraries I can get to for paper copies and appealed on theotherphorum, all to no avail.

Maybe some kind person on here will be the saving of my sanity? You'll need access to Wiley:


Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. 2010 Sep,Chapter 11:Unit 11.5. Using the Velvet de novo assembler for short-read sequencing technologies. Zerbino DR.



Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. 2010 Dec,Chapter 11:Unit 11.7. Aligning short sequencing reads with Bowtie. Langmead B.

em to: canis37 atthingy hotmail dot co dot uk

External cancelled my viva :(

Dear Pineapple, I'm appalled at what has happened to you - it's all horribly wrong on so many levels - and you have my sincere condolences.

Please don't think you've failed - your busy examiner (who should have let you know months ago) failed...

Have you had any feedback from supervisors yet? They must be able to help / have some ideas. If you really wanted that particular external examiner would it be possible to 're-submit' a cut down version? Get a couple of friends to attack it with you and that's 30% gone - it really is doable (a friend and I hacked another friend's Masters from 24k to 14k in about four days - they passed - and there's even more scope for cutting a longer work! I'm happy to take a deek at it, pm me if you'd like). Take care and stay strong. xx

(Another) Journal Article

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Got it! Let me know where to send it...

Oh, and the ejournals list at my Uni didn't even list the journal let alone say we had access: googled to find it and, by some miracle, Shibboleth login gave me access anyway...

Paper help please

Got it! Where shall I send it?

I would like to quit PHD...Please Help

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Hi Telugodu5. Read your post and alarm bells started to ring. If you've generally lost motivation, not eating properly, weight gain etc. that could be clinical depression as opposed to "just" PhDepression... Is there a counsellor you could talk to at your institution? Or maybe have a word with your GP. Do, please, go speak to someone about this.

Gah! it deleted my hugs - so here's some more ((((((())))))))


Duly tipped, by a long-time lurker (4.5years!) and marmite lover... second the cheese...

EndNote nightmare! Aaargh!

Not had your exact problem before, but have found that doing the following helped with other EndNote tangles (but please only try it on a COPY of your work!):

* switch instant formatting OFF...
* delete the bibliography that EndNote has already created
* convert to unformatted citations
* get your line spacing back in order (and check the refs are in place)
* then use format bibliography to get it back into your required format

Hope it works for you!!

starting to write up - need help!!!

I utterly sympathize...

Maister (see procrastination thread) suggests that you can start by just writing one sentence that broadly describes what you're after! Then explain that sentence to someone (use a tape recorder if you can't find a willing victim). Write down the explanation... and away you go... He also says *always* aim at draft level, not perfection, or you'll block yourself horribly (couldn't agree more!).

I've tried the tape recording thing before and it can really help - sometimes it's just easier to say it, then you can transcribe from the recording. N.B. most laptops now have built-in mikes, so you could just talk to your computer

Procrastination - hints and tips on how to deal with it

Glad you liked it! Thought there was some pretty useful stuff in there even though it has a business focus (I'm in science). One part that really resonated with me was "the less you get done, the more you beat yourself up for being worthless, and hence the less likely you are to get anything done". I've a cupboard full of T-shirts for that one!

Procrastination - hints and tips on how to deal with it

Taking up the suggestion from another thread, here's a nice 15 minute procrastinate to start with, on "Avoiding Procrastination"...


It has some simple-but-good advice (just wish I could stop procrastinating long enough to follow it!!!)

PhD then MSc?

Rather depends... if you've just done a Molecular Biology PhD and then follow up with a a Bioinformatics MSc it's unlikely that anyone will think that you're daft...

The senior research associate in my lab (in Oxbridge) did their PhD in one subject and then converted to a new, but semi-related, subject with a MSc a few years later.

Methinks that, as long as there appears to be (or you can convince "them" of) a rational reason for your switching, there should not be a problem!

Question for the wonderful science people...

Try GeneDoc - any colours you like! And idiot proof (even I can use it)...