Minor corrections awarded following resubmission


Congratulations Pineapple...enjoy the celebrations !


I've been following this all the way through as well and I am SO pleased to see this. You have done so well under a remarkable amount of pressure, and at last you have a fantastic result.

Big virtual (((hugs))) and a magnum of champagne!

Natassia xxx


Congratulations, Dr! Well done!!!


That's brilliant news. Congratulations. Since i finished i haven't been looking on the forum as much but I kept checking back to see how you were doing. I'm so pleased you have got the positive outcome you deserve.


Fantastic news, many congratulations Dr Pineapple! I too have been checking in to see you finally post this. I know we were both writing our theses at about the same time and I have really felt for you and your rollercoaster road. I am impressed by your resillience and stamina, I know it has been extremely tough for you as well. So go out and have a well deserved celebration!!!


Oh thank goodness for that! Well deserved. And you seriously deserve a medal for all that waiting. Enjoy the relief! :)


Congratulations, Pineapple, really delighted for you! Go forward with confidence now, you're at the summit looking down :)


Congratulations, Pineapple! I have also been following your story, good luck with all future endeavors!

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Huge congratulations!!! So pleased for you :) :)


What a great news....a huge congratulations Dr. Pineapple !!!


Massive congratulations DR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of these lovely messages. I'm still faced with some smaller minor corrections to resolve, so not quite there yet, but I really appreciate the support. Receiving minor corrections is truly a dream come true, especially after my roller-coaster journey.

I'm in a state of complete shock and disbelief! Really doesn't feel real. I can't help but feel like their going to take this away from me and admit a mistake. :( I'm also looking at PostDoc jobs and feel rather hesitant about submitting applications!?

I'm also surprised by how tired and drained I feel. I couldn't keep my eyes open for much of yesterday- yet wide awake during most of the night!

Celebrating with friends in London this weekend and I can't wait. My family, friends and supervisors are delighted with this news :)

Feeling rather honoured that so many of you seem to have followed my journey! :) Thanks again for the continued support. xxx


Just posted on the other thread and then saw this one - hearty congratulations and enjoy celebrating!


Hey pineapple, I think you will find your interview experiences much more positive now you have been awarded your PhD so keep up with the applications! I did an interview yesterday and the panel didn't quiz me as much about it as others have done in the past. I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this? Also, I think I probably came across much more confident in myself now my PhD has actually been awarded.

I actually had a bit of a cry (tears of happiness/relief) when I was finally awarded mine- it is a very strange feeling indeed to know you have made it after such a horrible experience.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. You deserve it :D


Congratulations Dr Pineapple! I've followed your story, but not posted much of late. Am really pleased that it has been good news for you and hope that you manage to get the corrects done and out the way quickly. Good luck with the job hunt too.

Have a good weekend of celebration!