The One Goal Thread


Another one here who failed to meet my writing target! However I have made good progress, but found I need to tie up a few things with my analysis before I can write anymore.

I'm not one for working in the evening (yet) so will have a rehearsal of a conference presentation for next week before calling it a day.


Quote From Florence:

Write the second half of my conference paper.
(Have had loads of trouble with the first half and am leaving it to one side till later on).

Okay - finished 2nd half about 2 hours ago but I was really reluctant to come on here and write DONE because I'm still not happy with it and I know I will want to do more fiddling. But technically, in terms of number of words on page, it is DONE.

Current goal - go back to the first half and sort out the problems there.


I didnt do much work today; but THIS EVENING....
my goal is to work on my paper (the one my sup's scribbled/cancelled/marked everywhere on!!!!)

so it is chicken tonight


Wooooo got the notes from six journal articles I needed. It's not much but it's something! Might try and do another five before other half gets home.

How is everyone else doing?


Good going button!
(Slightly terrified by your ability to read and take notes so quickly!)

Re-jig first half of conference paper, sort problems and attach to second half - (working on since around 4) - DONE

Next goal - read through the whole thing and make it a whole lot better!
Can you tell I'm working to a deadline?


Scrap that!
Have read through and identified where the remaining problems are then written in big capital letter - FIX THIS, TIGHTEN UP, CITE EVIDENCE, etc.
But haven't actually fixed anything!
I've been at my desk 11 hours now (not a sign of my usual level of dedication - just can't afford to not do this as am really close to the wire) and can barely see let alone write. So I'm calling it a day.

Ho hum.
Great thread idea, though - thanks Sneaks.

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Well the step-by-step instructions took much longer than I though but have made them just about as detailed as I can at the moment until I can see the lab guy to check what equipment is avaiable for me to use.

Today was woefully unproductive, as have the last four weeks been and I feel terribly guilty, ashamed and like I am not cut out for this PhD thing at all. I don't know how to get out of this spiral.

Sorry for the rant and for bringing the tone of the thread down. Well done to everyone who has made some progress today. (up)

I am going to work for one more hour to make a list of equipment which I haven't yet told my sup I need if we are to carry out the experiments we said that we would.

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it will be a brand new day tomorrow Ev!

I haven't done as much as I wanted, but feel I have got enough done to make tomorrow more productive.

Well done everyone!


Joining in this acountability thread as nothing else working at the moment. Much better at getting 'practical' stuff done than writing.
So, by tomorrow, want to have done around 500 words towards my lit rev, not much compared with everyone else seems to be doing, but it would be a good days writing for me. If only I could find the motivation to start..........

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A brand new day.

So today I've already got up, got hubs down the station, had breakfast and fed all my animals and watched come dine with me, so after a shower and a dog walk, my big goal is...

As many analyses as i can manage. (I hope to do 6). That means i have just over an hour to do each one. - my supervisor thinks that these were done months ago, so it really is a race against her emailing me for the results.


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Yikes Sneaks, you've already been far more productive than I usually am all day! Good luck with today's target.

After failing to meet my target yesterday (but having a lovely time seeing a friend I haven't seen for months), my target today is to exceed yesterday's target of reaching 5,500 words on my literature review. Hopefully by a long way, but just meeting a target would be a boost at the moment! Writing takes so much longer than I ever think it will.


Florence- don't be alarmed, I only needed a few notes out of each article I was reading!

Didn't manage to do another five articles before other half got home last night, so my aim is to read and get notes out of another five today.


morning folks! Slept in again today, need to get that sorted sharpish!
I kind of didn't quite meet yesterdays target due to cleaning ovens and all that, so todays first target is to finish what I was meant to do yesterday. I got a good bit done in the end but I'm starting small today in an effort to trick myself into doing more! I'm away for a uni club trip tomorrow so I really really want to get this done today or I'll be taking it with me tomorrow, booo!
Good luck everyone, papers and analyses, it's all going on here! (up)


I haven't done ANY work for 5 weeks...5 WEEKS!! I have something due in three weeks today, so I simply have to start working now or I'll really let myself (and supervisor) down.

One goal: To apply the notes my supervisor gave me to the work I handed in last time, and to finish the two books I'm reading. (Okay, so that's two goals, but I'm *really* behind...)

Feel completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and the pressure of the time - if only my anxiety would translate into frenzied work! But alas, it's merely translating into a (no doubt global-warming inducing) overuse of the kettle.


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good luck everyone. I've had a shower, and walked the dog and then erm came home sat on the sofa and got warm and sleepy - its the problem with hubs getting up for work at 6, I've already been up for 3 and half hours now and am wanting a second breakfast :$

Must do work!