Viva next week and have nearly no fingernails left...


I have to say I'm quite looking forward to it, but starting to get a bit nervous!

Any words of wisdom? Is Anne still around, she was always the wise sage of the forum 8-)

(And hello everyone! Glad to see some familiar names and lots of new ones too!)


Same here, absolutely not looking forward to it!


I'm finding it really strange the prospect of visiting uni again - I went a few months ago to hand it in but it was such a flying visit, before that I hadn't been in nearly a year. It's a bit of a weird prospect really, I kind of don't feel part of the place anymore. It'll be just like visiting a work client really.


You'll be fine :-) Good Luck!!! (up)


Hi DanB,

I remember your name and nice to see that you have nearly completed your PhD.

I think if you have managed to get this far, you will manage the viva as well.

Remember you are the only one who has put so much time and effort in your topic, as such you are the expert at the viva! Good luck.


Good luck DanB!

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I remember you DanB! Glad to hear you are nearly finished! Good luck (up)


Good luck! M,x


gosh - I cannot comprehend doing my viva yet! so far away!! but - GOOD LUCK - you'll be grand!


Hello DanB, I can't offer you any words of wisdom at the moment, as I'm awaiting a viva date. But I just wanted to say nerves can be a good thing, it shows you care enough about your PhD. Good luck (up)