What I love about research ...


A thread dedicated to all the things we love about research

I'll start:
What I love about research is the warm feeling it gives me inside

( Btw. I know this is going to be a REALLY long thread.)


I love the fact that results often raise more questions than they answer. Therefore, there is always a quest to find out more.


After you have got yourself totally tied up in knots with some aspect of the research and feel like packing it all in, you go for a cup of tea or a walk and then talk it through with someone and during the conversation you end up answering your own question or having a mental break through. I love that moment, it is when it all becomes clear again and you realise that you do know your stuff and it is all still fascinating and worth doing.


Can I do 3?

I love a) sitting in coffee shops reading books & it is actually my job/work

I love afternoon powernaps to recharge the old grey cells

I love my undergrad students - so nice & funny.


1) No 2 days are ever quite the same
2) The highs make up for the lows (most of the time, lol!)
3) It's nice to be doing something new and (hopefully) worthwhile
4) Some times, you get awarded grants to buy groovy new kit (and maybe your salary for the next year, woohooo!)


I agree that sitting in a coffee shop reading as part of your job is definately a plus point of research


i love the feeling of achievement when i get results.. and im also quite sad that i get exciting about planning experiments...!!


going to conferences/meetings and telling more people about what I'm working on.(Espesh if the conference is somewhere exotic!)


I love it when people ask me what I do for a living because I can honestly tell them that my job is also my hobby (sad though it may sound!)


I get to play around with cells all day and I get paid for it!


The fact that you find something out that no one else knows. For a while you can be the only person in the world who knows something!


Laney, I really like that one - especially toady actualling getting some results and they are soooooooooooooo cool