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Can I begin a Phd with faint basic knowledge?

Yes I hear you friends. It makes good sense.

Can I begin a Phd with faint basic knowledge?

After studying some 46 subjects in bachelors, I don't really remember most of them(its been 10 years). They are kind of faint basics in mind. I completed my Masters some how coping with deadlines. Now there is Phd in a DIFFERENT subject. I have to first review my bachelor text books and then actually understand he phd topic, then start the literature survey.

Basically someone said "you need to have a solid working knowledge on your topic BEFORE getting into Phd"...if thats true, it will take me 3 more years to get ready for a phd..leave alone doing it.

Whats your thoughts?

Intl student scholarship in London, please help, no clue!!?

I am possibly relocating to UK next year (2016) and I need your advice and help to start with it. Where do I start?? Its for Phd in Electrical Engineering, full time.

I just turned down or 'deferred' my current funds/course. Its depressing that my relocation came up right after my offer in this current country. Now I have to start all fresh in a new place. Any ways, any help would be so helpful!

Getting back into study after break having child?

Good that you decided to continue....its always a good decission

I got a full funded Masters when my son was 2 years. I had NO IDEA of the project but I did faintly remember very few basics. But the belief the funding body put on me, I got all motivated. I promised them I will give them some good results. Basically, somehow I was not nervous but happy. I dropped of my son at preschool at 9:00 am and went to college, worked until 3:00 pm and returned home and cooked dinner. So I prepared break fast and dinner only. My kid is a gem :). Give him his toys and he plays for hours :). My husband helped when in thesis time by taking care of the kid on weekends, I think I worked some 5-6 weekends in the whole course!..

The only interruption I had was that I lost my dad, he was a healthy individual and still not very old (60 yrs). I shook...and shook hard..came back and I decided to dedicate my Master thesis to him. I did. My thesis was given an A grade.

Now, 3 yrs from then, I have a second child 18 months now, not so easy at all ;)..and I am trying to get into Phd. I got full funding again but I am not sure if my capabilities will match phd!!! also have some personal issue to getting into it right now. But I will try do it again, if not now.

You CAN do it. I was not any brighter than an average student but sone thing that made me achieve is the motivation and being positive. YOU CAN...

New forum design - what do you think? Any problems?

smilies/emoticons?...I feel like Kristen Stewart without them :\

Why do you most want to be a Dr?

I think I want to be a person who knows what she is doing at least in ONE academic subject. I also want to make a academic career, yeah I know, not a lot of money and a long path but I want to be financially 'decently stable'. I have to admit, I want to make my dad proud, he passed away while I was in the middle of Masters. I gathered myself and wrote all of my Thesis, dedicated it to him. Something in me says " you CAN dedicate a dissertation to him"....

Calling other PhD parents

Hey phd parents...I am so inspired!. I was all in doubt whether people even do it or not. A full time Phd with kids. I am not sure if I will get into this one I got in hand (some issues around it) but I will do it for sure.

Jay! 7.30pm to 11 am??????....I dont think I could possibly do these timings!...

Relocation in full time funded phd

It feels so good to hear "go, you are free to do what you want"...awsoci,treeof life,Meckem and kamtil :)

I have already said it to my sup...dont know if he will refuse me now. But comming to my husband, he has always been a caring person and a major bread winner almost ALL the time, so thought I must support him. I think he feels guilty about it too on me not joining in Phd, but he has a chronic illness, so even if he wants to, I wont leave him alone.

My plan B is to keep working on the same topic as if I were IN phd and apply where I go. Its easier to say than done due to all the visa things and finding a funding again...but this is how it is for me....its how it is!

Ps: If I am left alone on top of a mountain under a shady tree and no one is seeing me....I would cry aloud.

Is there age limit for PhD?

If all goes well, I will start it next month , I am in early 30s. I wish I was 27 ;)

Relocation in full time funded phd

Thanks marasp and HazyJane.

@marasp, I actually thought of it as a last resort, stay away from husband a baby and keep my oldest with me but I wondered if my supervisor could give me any better options.

@HazyJane its in engineering, not very lab based...laptop based. I do think getting into it now is risk but it has been looooong I have been waiting for it. Once I change the country all that visa stuff comes into picture and it just eats away time....because now that I have an acceptance and funding, I think its almost set....sigh, lets c...

Phd moms (and everyone else)...need some advice!

Oh Thank you so much every one!..this forum is wonderful :).

I now get some insight. I am not doing it in US or UK. I am in South Africa. Although I understand that a PhD wont land me into a job, I want to try as this seems the only way to end up in academia. I only have approx 2 years of experience in pieces which is next to zero....

Also my funding seems a bit strict as it says in the contract that " on termination ALL of the funding has to be refunded WITH INTEREST"...and also there is a penalty for not completing in 3 years!!. Well, looks like if I meddle with the course in ANY manner, I am screwed. On top of that my husband just reveals that we might need to relocate after 2 years, it isnt for 100% but chances are still there. I have not signed anything yet, but I waited for funds for a whole last year. I feel all confused :(. I did mail my supervisor on this possibility and waiting for response

Relocation in full time funded phd


I have a chance to join Phd with full funding. But my husband just told me that we will possibly be relocating in 2 years to another country. The funding contract says "must refund full/prorate bursary"...I am not sure which one they will impose. I am not sure if Full time can be done from another country for last 2 years.

I have not signed anything, but I could not do it knowing the fact that I wont be here all 3-4 years. I have emailed by supervisor on all this, I dont know if that was a mistake or was it right thing to do. I am waiting for his reply. So what do you give advice on my situation.

P.s: Hostel not possible because I have kids, so I HAVE to relocate with their dad.

Phd moms (and everyone else)...need some advice!

I am a mom of 2 kids (8yrs and 19mos). I always wanted to be in academia, teaching students and without a Phd I will not be able to get a teaching job.

More into the story, I did my Masters when my first kid was 2.5 yrs old. After Masters, we changed cities and got pregnant, I could only manage to get admin jobs for 2.5 years. Things we different when I was in Masters, I loved the studying and had no other stress except feeling guilt about my son. I only used to work 3 hrs/day and run to my son's daycare. About weekends, I think I only spent 3 weekends or so in my university, I took holidays and enjoyed doing my Masters TO THE CORE. My husband helped me A LOT when in Masters.I am an average student, not a wiz at all but I work dedicated and hard, so my grades make it look as if I am intelligent.

Well now after 3 years after Masters, things changed. Me and my husband had some issues and even though he 'seems'to care, I feel very insecure that I am not financially independent and I feel paranoid that I need to be there for my kids. I dint not want to make him pay for my Phd, so I applied for funds. Now I have awarded full funding for full time Phd, I am still to sign papers and start next month. My husband offered to keep a helper for 2 days/week and put my 19 month old in day care. I am thankful.

Now, my questions:

Has any one done full time with kids?
How many hours do I need to put?. I have NO IDEA of how to get a topic or anything as of now
I am I insane to even think about taking up phd
How sharp do you need to be to complete in 3 years, my funds end after 3 years...

Please help me all,I rely on you.