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The moaning thread

I like my PhD, but I don't like one of my flatmates. I'm getting out of here the soonest possible.
She keep complaining about things, cleaning, emptying BINs, following roster etc..but in the end, am I the only one who follow the rules.
but yet, she still accusing me of things I didn't do. Forget it, I am just human..and simply couldn't just take it all.

I'd better move on, doing something productive rather than moaning about others attitude...sigh..

_gosh...i love this thread_;-)

The moaning thread

Quote From stressed:

I so hate that too

Just by looking at your ID name, will give me more stress! LOL

The One Goal Thread

Just write my first chapter by end of this month.

Wish for the strength to begin the process.

What to expect as a First year Phd Student

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You can start by asking some recommendations on fundamental/core reading materials from your supervisor to get some idea about your topic. I did that and it helped me a lot.

What to expect as a First year Phd Student

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"Underwritten rules of PhD research" & "How to get a Phd" also can make a good start.

best wishes.

Long-distance relationship and PhDs

Hi Delusional,

Me too. Currently I am in distance relationship with my husband and my son. I've  just started doing my PhD in UK, and leaving my family back in Singapore.They will come to UK next year, I hope (as we are working to make it possible). In the meantime, we keep in touch with each other by using skype, FB, phone calls and email. Yes, it is difficult, and sometimes I feel guilty of making this decision even though we have been discussing about pros and cons of separation, long before I started. I terribly miss my son!

Thank God, the passion of doing what I love, and seeking for knowledge still keep me sane, and appreciation to video calling technology I still can cry, laugh, and share the story of unfortunate moments with the one I love while I am away.

Be strong, and stay honest to your partner.:-)