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GT info help required - Olivia??

Hi, I am struggling with kinda the same thing but in my case it is around the need for a core category when drawing upon constructivist grounded theory approach? I am really not sure whether this is appropriate, or whether I am methodologically blurring earlier approaches to grounded theory with Charmaz? Would be most grateful for any guidance. Many thanks

How easy is it to go part time from full time?

Hi Just wanted to offer some support, I went from full to part time half way through my second year because of poor health. Although the financial side of things were hard it really was the best thing to do and your health really it the most important thing. Also I found once the pressure was eased a little I felt more able to commit to the PhD. Get all the support you can , maybe disability unit can help as sounds if this is something which has happened before. All good wishes Redriding hood

Qualitative research interviews - include them all?

I am asking for some advice really. Basically my research is a qualitative and draws upon semi-structured interviews. However even though I have a topic guide (which has worked well most of the time) sometimes participants really don't say anything relevant. I know that might seem bad and you could argue that everything is relevant / everything is data, but I would suggest sometimes for whatever reason it is impossible to keep on topic. I try to keep re-introducing the research topic, but also feel in the end the most ethical thing is too draw it to an end and thank them for contribution. Would you include such interviews in your overall participant number? or would you simply not bother too transcribe. I am really struggling with recruitment so kinda need the numbers but equally feel possibly not being truly honest if I include them but do not draw upon anything said. As I say any advice would be good or not found anything in books, papers etc about such an issue Thanks in advance

Everything crossed for Sneaks

Just wanted to add a well done from me too - no corrections - impressive stuff!

Giving up hope

Hi Not got much else to add in addition to what
the others have said really, but just want to add I really have (and still do)
feel the same. I have had a leave of absence and changed from full time to part
time during my PhD. PhDs are hard! and like you my original proposal was
scrapped and I spent at least the first year with no real topic (once I fixed on
a topic things did become better and I realised what I thought had become a
complete waste some of it was useful). In reality I will complete much
later than some of my colleagues but I will complete...in the end the decision
is yours, but just be kind to yourself whatever the outcome...

working in academia- it's all about politic?

I would just like too response to your 'my goal is to help patients who have difficulty to enjoy a world in a normal like we do' Basically I am not sure what you mean by 'normal'. As someone with serious mental health issues and also doing a PhD I would argue that creating a binary opposition between 'them' (patients) and us (researchers) is ill thought out and slightly offensive

Grounded theory and presenting analysis / finding

Just a quick shout out for any advice. I am at the point of trying to pull together my findings and was wondering how other people have approached this within the context of grounded theory (constructivist). As I staggered my approach to recruitment in order to allow analysis to proceed further collection I am thinking of presenting my findings in a similar manner i.e in phases that reflect the use of therectical sampling . But unsure whether this would make the findings chapter too messy? Any thoughts would be most happily received. Thanks

Personal statement and dyslexia

I am dyslexic and in the latter stages of a PhD so just wanted to send some encouragement and say it can be done (abliet rather slowly in my case!) I have always been open about it and for me this has been the best course of action. If you do get offered a place I would highly reccomend going to the disability unit at uni as you may be able to get useful additional support, but too disclose or not to the department at this stage I would suggest remains an individual descision. Good luck


I would say the main things are to set the scene and to show an awareness of the main literature and the key players in the area and to begin to identify the areas which you consider need further attention and why and how you are going to set out addressing them. Sometimes Universities ask for a proposed timetable at this stage so maybe helpful to check if that is the case, if so demonstrate that you have a realistic idea of amount of time needed for each stage of the research process. Hope that helps a little...

Why am I using a qualiative approach apart from because I am rubbish at statistics!

Hi, just had supervision and am supervisor kept banging on about the need to be extremely reasoned as to why I am using a qualiative approach. My main thought was because I cant work SPSS (I did not share!) but beyond that obviously it because my primary concern is gaining an insight into subjective understanding of participants but I could not think beyond that...Any thoughts?

Grounded theory...help!

Hi I am currently struggling and this e-mail is really a plea for some help. I am using constructivist grounded theory but am getting confused over whether this is methodology or a method? I think it is a methodolgical approach and that my methods are interviews etc but where when writing up should I refer to issues such as therectical sampling, constant compartive methods.I believe these are part of the methodogical approach and as such should be in that section. Basically I am confused.com and when mentioning this to my boyfriend earlier he just looks at me like I am losing my mind and responded by asking what was for lunch! Thanks in advance for any suggestions

The moaning thread

OK hear we go...hopefully a good cyber moan will help the situation as all i can think of is quitting. I am in my final year funded but a million miles of completion and I have lupus (an autoimmune disease), but the main impact upon phd is I get really tired really quickly and coupled with being dyslexic it feels like I will never finished! When I started getting a PhD meant everything to me, but now I think it making me ill and all I do is end up crying about it. After quitting / finishing not really capable of holding down a part time work re ill health and have not managed to gain any wider experiences as a PhD student so probably would not get one anyway in this super competative world! Would feel super guilty about giving up especially re studentship money and in someway that guilt is keeping me going.

poor interview technique

I am kinda struggling with the same issues really as have just began my interviewing. In summary, it is a qualitative study involving older people. My main concern is the amount of time the participants are spending 'off topic' and how to get people back on topic without being rude! So like you guys spend a lot of time having 'is it me' thoughts! I know by default semi-structured allow room for flexibility, but I worry! I would be particularly interested in anyone else who is interviewing older people and their experiences / useful suggestions about references specific to this population and interviewing- Thank U

financial emergencies

I am sure you have already checked but does your uni has Access to Learning Fund (ALF) - if so maybe worth applying. Best wishes and sorry to hear your having such a rough time.

Lost my mojo

Hello, I am new to this forum, although if honest have to reading (stalking) it for a while! Just wanted to say I feel for you it really is pants feeling pants! Like bilbobaggins I have long-term ill health - systemic lupus in my case and often find it difficult 'to keep on keeping on'. Hope you feel at least a little bit better soon, and try and be kind to yourself. Am really glad you have had a positive response from your GP. Best wishes, Redridinghood