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Is a Sociology/ Social Policy based PhD worth doing?

Your ambition to move into academia, so taking PhD would be wise.

Confidence. Any advice please?

Just you should move on your way and don't think what others may think.

Extra Mile America

A blind woman who climbed one of the world's tallest mountains...a triathlete who was born a congenital amputee...a 95-year-old who has volunteered at the same hospital for 49 years...a race-car driving executive who has fought through breast cancer twice...these are the stories of inspiration, possibility and purpose in Extra Mile America.


Digital Marketing Education

This is IT age, so digital marketing is most prospective now.

biomedical phd jobs

Biomedical PhD is most prospective now. In agree related industries, they have good working scope.

The Hardest Choice...

Job satisfaction is very difficult in this world and PhD is not mandatory. Only for few profession you have need PhD for good prospect.

Graduates struggling to find work

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Various graduates who are struggled or struggling to find work, because they can't select properly graduate program. Also before going to graduate program we should think carefully about professional course.

PhD Funding

If you can manage a job in your university, it would be better for you. Various PhD students are doing job with PhD.

leaving permanent job for a postdoc

Necessity knows no law. Requirement is first to me. Even God compromise with necessity.

Does Master's Degree have to be related to Phd

Just completing Masters and want to start PhD, you must start with your related Master's subject for PhD. But if you have good professional experience, you may take PhD with your profession relate.