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Journal Paper needed (& uni library hasn't got it)

Has anyone got access to the following journal and would be able to provide the much needed paper, see details? Please PM me if you can help. Thanks a lot!!

Andreas et al., 2010
Parameterizing Turbulent Exchange over Sea Ice in Winter
Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 87-104


Postgrad Forum Hall of Fame

Yay, I also passed my viva - last week on 26/5/10.. with minor corrections.(sprout)

58 minutes and counting

Brilliant, Dr Jinkim, congratulations! Nice one on the minor corrections, that's what I am hoping for!

58 minutes and counting

Good luck, good luck, good luck - just do your best! You can do it!(up)

Word 2003 fonts

I like Garamond, but it looks better in print than it is easy to read on screen, I guess.

Book recommendation for viva preparation

I know many others have mentioned the book by Tinkler & Jackson before, and I am sure it is not the only useful one out there, but I have just read it and with my viva coming up at the end of May, I now feel better prepared and a bit calmer + knowing what to expect. I am sure most of you know stuff about vivas from friends, supervisors, from this forum etc and might not find this book a massive revelation, but I reckon that most people can get something out it and it reads quickly.

Anyway, I just wanted to recommend the book to anyone who is coming to the end of the PhD, with the viva coming up and ahead of them.

Penny Tinkler & Carolyn Jackson
The Doctoral Examination Process - A Handbook for students, examiners and supervisors
Open University Press


I have summited!

Hey Rick - that's excellent news! Take it easy, getting over the drained feeling can take a few days (or weeks?), all the best for your appraisal as well, and keep us in the loop re your viva!

Citation Excitement

Nice one(up)8-)

Things to do or avoid for thesis submission?

Dont miss bits out of your thesis, like me, I missed out a figure! (see thread). Definitely get someone else to double check all the "little" things, like Figures/Tables/References etc.. I guess I rushed all that in the end...:-(, so my advice: no rushing..

Forgot a figure in submitted thesis!

Arghh, I am such a muppet!
I just realised that I missed out a figure in my thesis, which was submitted a few weeks ago! What shall I do? I am likely to have my viva at the end of May (or thereabouts), so there is time to send the omitted figure to the examiners.. Is that the way forward, or shall I just bring the omitted figure to the viva?? It is kind of an important figure as I compare my results with a paper from the literature, but if the examiners really want, they can check out the cited paper (I doubt they will do that though..), so the data presented is not altogether new..

Any advice?? Something similar happened to any of you?

6 days to go...

Not far now, you are almost there. Dont worry about being weepy or tired, just go on and on.. You are Chrisrolinski on a mission! You can do it! (robin)

how to handle changing ideas....??

Hi Algaequeen.

I think changing ideas/plans etc can be really hard, having been at both the receiving and giving end of this in my relationship.
Of course it would be a shame from your relationship point of view if you cannot go and see you bf and spend some decent time with him. However, having said that, I think you should definitely apply for the training post, and when/if you get it, maybe there is scope for negotiating the start date? Does it really have to start right after you finish your PhD? Many employers have some flexibility with this and it might be possible to have it both ways (bf and job - I guess it really depends on the details of the job whether they'll do it or not)..
Alternatively, have you considered going to see your bf whilst you are still writing up?
I am in a long-term, serious relationship and we've lived apart for years now, and I definitely feel that something has to change as I am worried that the relationship is suffering from this situation. At the same time, I am currently applying for a job at my current uni, which would make moving difficult (not impossible though) and I feel it's just a constant dilemma with bf vs job... So, I dont really have an answer either.. I hope you can work something out for you and your bf and make everyone happy :-x ?!

Submitted :-)

Hey Jinkim - great news & congrats for submitting! Enjoy your holiday(up)

Passed viva - wahoo!

Yuhuu- that is so brilliant! Congratulations, Bilbo, really really superb news! And it sounds like you had a good time with your viva, too.. Nice one(up)
What an achievement, and apart from your personal situation, anyone doing a part-time PhD has got my absolute respect - hats off to you Bilbo!
Hope you have fun celebrating(gift)

My competitive flatmate is driving me mad!

Oh gosh, this does sound infuriating. There was a postdoc in my department quite similar, it was relentless. What kind of responses have you "tried out"? What happens if you agree with her? Along the lines: "Yes, you are working long hours." "Yes, you must be quite busy" etc. I am not saying you let her start comparing you with her (I would definitely ignore that and not respond to that!), but maybe if she is indeed insecure, it would help her to hear that someone "acknowledges" that she is working hard.
Other things you could do when she is really annoying and does the whole "I'm bigger, better, wiser" thing, just use deception, such as that you are really busy, cant talk now and leave the house, or point to the window and say "look, there is Madonna" (or sth similar) and leave the room as she turns round to look (that will only work so many times though. :p)