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Minor corrections awarded following resubmission
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Huge congratulations!!! So pleased for you :) :)

January Blues
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Hi, you are not alone I am working from home - I have been indexing my data all through the holiday period at odd moments and (even though my children are not at school) this week I have set myself quite hefty goals to achieve everyday - it's a bit of a sacrifice, but I seem to work more productively as I know that once I complete my goal I won't feel so guilty working - that said I do appear to be working on it most of the day :-(

Keep at it Boo - every little bit done (however small) takes you closer to the finishing line

September 2013 Finish - Hopefully!
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Good luck with your goals Boo. I did my own transcribing and it took (what seemed like) forever!!!! I'm glad to have finished it now. My goal at the moment is to get as much analysis done before January so I can start the new year with a full on writing schedule. I don't think I'll be able to complete my analysis by then though, I'm just hoping to be a fair way through it.

I'm really starting to panic about next year - I have the vast majority of my thesis to write - no chapters drafted yet - just lots of rough notes and 2 draft papers, which will be the starting points for 2 chapters.

It seems like a mountain ahead of me at the moment - let's hope I can climb it!!!

Viva done!
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Huge congratulations!!! A fantastic result!!! Well done :)

I did it! Successful viva.
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Huge congratulations Pam xx

Waiting for examiners verdict (post viva)
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I've been following your story Pineapple and just wanted to say I 'really' hope you hear this week! Hang in there! Sending you virtual hugs (( ))

September 2013 Finish - Hopefully!
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Scrap that... Just had a phone call from the school, now going to collect my poorly middle child!!!!

September 2013 Finish - Hopefully!
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I can definitely agree with you Dr Jeckyll!! Over the last month I have finally finished transcribing (yay, but it took longer than I originally thought), I'm now in the midst of analysis and am writing odd bits in the evenings for my methodology chapter.
It's frustrating as every time I want to get on with something, something else gets in the way. My children have been ill - all at different times so I've not had time alone to crack on as I usually would - I'm so easily distracted if they are about, which is nice but frustrating on the PhD front. I had to amend a paper extensively after some negative, but constructive reviewer comments. I also madly took on some more shifts at work (why?????).

Luckily these are (hopefully) behind me now so I aim to forge on through December with my qualitative analysis and write in the evenings (I down tools at 4pm when the children get home so like to do a bit in the evenings, however small) and then write more productively in January.

Slow and steady (I tell myself)

September 2013 Finish - Hopefully!
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My plan is similar - finish the bulk of my analysis by the end of the year and then a daily 500+ word target :-)
An exercise in self-discipline!
We can do it (up)

September 2013 Finish - Hopefully!
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Well I've hit (the dreaded) year three - finally finished data collection and now have to tackle a full on year of transcribing, data analysis and writing to get me to the finishing line. A long shot for Sept 2013, but I'm optimistic at the moment :p

Anyone else aiming for Sept 2013 finish?

what observational data can I include?
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Hi Sunflower,

I think it would depend on whether you gained informed consent from those people within the group. If they consented to take part in the research and had knowledge that whatever you observed may be used by you for your research I think it would be fine. If they did not formally consent to you using your observations of them in your research I don't think you can. You perhaps need to look back at what your information sheet and consent forms covered and go from there.

I hope this is helpful :-)

Everything crossed for Sneaks
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Massive Congratulations Dr Sneaks!!!! :-)

My viva, I passed!
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That's FAB news!!!! WELL DONE!! 8-):-)8-)

Calling other PhD parents
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Hi, I am similar to you. I have three children, I am a funded full-time PhD student and I also work alternate weekends. My Hub works long hours and my family aren't really interested in helping with childcare (although I wouldn't really want them to).
Things are difficult, I down tools at 3.30pm when the children finish school so I have to use my evenings for PhD work to fit in a full day. I always worry about being behind, but I just do the best I can in the time I have. I would say have a clear idea of what you want to achieve each day, grab any time you can and do easy jobs like printing, emailing etc when the children are about so that any child free time can be used productively.

Just keep going and good luck ;-)

the %*$!ing research question
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Hi, I'm similar to Slizor. I'm from the social sciences and I have one over-arching research question, which is really a double question!!! For example, I ask a question formatted similar to this....

What are the formal and informal techniques used to rescue birds? Why and how are they used?

I then have 3 sub questions asking things like,

How do the techniques work? Whom do they benefit (e.g, Rescuer or bird)?
What resources are available to help bird rescuers? How are they used?
What is the prevalence of the use of cages?

I then have 1 overall aim and 6 objectives - to keep me on the straight and narrow.....


Hope this helps