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I never thought I'd be doing this!

Found out yesterday my corrections were accepted, I'll be graduating in July!


Hello, my name Arshak can anyone tell me how to find full scholarship for taught master of pharmacy


Greatest congratulations to all!


Hi all,

We absolutely love hearing your 'I passed my viva' comments on this thread, so we've expanded this celebratory theme onto our FindAPhD Facebook account too and now have a 'PhD Album of Fame', so everyone can say #helloDr to you!!

We're hoping this album will be a great place for you to share your celebratory photos when you finish your thesis, pass your viva or graduate- and will be inspirational for those mid-way through their PhD.

It's open to all- whether you graduated last week or 4 years ago- and we'd love you to share a photo of your PhD graduation with us. All you need to do, is 'like' our FindAPhD Facebook and share a photo onto our wall and we'll add you to our album of fame.

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Get sharing those sentimental snaps :)


I sooo want to be in the 'I've Passed' club but first i need to complete my survey and to do that i need atleast 200 respondents. Please can help me, i'm getting desperate?

I am a Masters student at the University of Leeds and completing research for my Advertising and Marketing dissertation. I would be grateful if any of you could spare 10 minutes.

Thank you

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It's closed?


I passed my viva on Monday and I'm so grateful to this forum for all the help and support I've found on here over the past few years. Thank you so much!


I submitted my thesis on 10 May 2011 and my viva voce examination took place yesterday. Lasting just over 1 hour, I passed with minor corrections. I find the support on this site very incredible. I'll hang around here for the forseeable future to give whatever support I can to others.(up)

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You submitted four years ago and only just had the viva?


Congratulations to each and every one of you who has posted in here and passed their viva!

Did you find your postgraduate course with or If you did, then we NEED you!

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Graduating today! I'm officially DrTreeofLife!


Quote From TreeofLife:
Graduating today! I'm officially DrTreeofLife!

Congratulations - enjoy your day!

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Congratulations Dr ToL! :) Have a great celebration and all the best for future plans.


Thanks, was a great day! :)


Hi Friends,

I am looking forward to do a PHD in India.
Please share your experience, if anyone has done from India, asin what would be the best options therein terms of mentors, resources etc.