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The key for me is how much more stress on the eye the IPad would be with the backlit dimmed considerably.

another consideration is how I can integrate my LiveScribe with either implement. has anyone tried that?


I'm tossing up between the IPad and a Kindle DX to use primarily for reading purposes.
do you find that the IPad is fine for reading purposes when the backlight is dimmed?

software question - DevonThink

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Hey there folks!

I am looking for some data management software (which will work with pdfs) for my pc.
I have seen devonthink and am potentially very impressed.
it uses AI technology to index all documents and files on the fly.
is there something similar for pcs?


that is a link to the first page of a very detailed blog by an academic who uses devonthink for managing the workflow of his history research and writing.
it's quite interesting.

Ta Da! It's over

congrats! that description of a viva gives me the impression that the examiners were enjoying talking with you.
so, not so much an examination of you, and whether to pass you, but of the work that you have produced.

enjoy the time off

Small footnote question!

I think you can also place a footnote after a semi-colon, useful if you want to refer to something very specific within a longer sentence.

Constantly Anxious

Quote From Florence:

Whilst I don't think that this is unusual for a postgraduate student (!) I do take the view that you shouldn't live like this. Nothing is worth the toll constant anxiety can take on your mental and physical health.

Other recommendations: contact an old friend (once you start telling him/her what you're up to you'll realise how much you've achieved since you last saw them!); a bath with some relaxing oils; herbal tea and loads of water - also lemonbalm, a traditional herbal treatment for anxiety; fresh air, pretty countryside and exercise.

I second Florence's sound advice. People don't know and realise the damage (potentially long-term) that stress can do to their bodies. It's important to look after and pamper yourself. I know someone who always felt guilty spending money frivolously throughout university. They felt, in some way, that the money was not theirs to spend on things other than education. I think you should factor in some splurges and down-time. whatever it may be that suits you.

Problem with my supervisor on publishing

Fair points all. It is a good idea to keep your work in the context of your life. It's tough to deal with the things that life throws at us, and I hope you are able to deal with it as well as is needed.

Despite the fact of software incompatibility not being the most serious, pressing, immediate of problems, it is one that interests me greatly.
Someone mentioned that there are programmes which can convert pdf files to doc. do these retain formatting and other guidelines.
I am very interested to hear recommendations.


Problem with my supervisor on publishing

Wow, people, being very harsh. The OP initiated an interesting discussion. Perhaps they could have focussed on the relative merits of the different software packages, but in my opinion, I'm not sure how they were being as dramatic as the dramatic responses warranted.

I am of the opinion that certain software solutions are much more powerful than others. I am of the opinion that it is a legitimate topic for discussion.
So your pet died. Sorry for you. The OP used the word 'sad', so what?

pdf conversion

Quote From phdbug:

And would anyone know the converse? I have a huge PDF report that needs to be converted back to word (arrrgh) and I am wondering if there is a way of doing it...

Not being sure on whether it's your own pdf or something you have gotten from another source, I think this is the most relevant advice.


Mortgages and PhD

As I said, I apologise if my post came across as rude. However, to criticise you as narrow-minded in the context of your post is in my opinion about as much response as is warranted. I take it that you may not have watched the films. If you had your accusations of bullying might instead have sharing a laugh at nobodys expense.

You have based your opinion on what you have seen in your own family. This is not a good starting-point to a discussion on mortgages, family life, exploitation, etc.

Mortgages and PhD

Apologies in advance if this post appears rude.
BHC to me is coming across as very immature and narrow-minded and with very little understanding of the ways that other people live. 'beta-male'? please, don't project your worries onto other people. Perhaps you can finish your PhD and see where you may end up, your earning potential may change considerably and you may even be in a position to work flexibly.

I could continue with a rant, but I'm going to post two links to short movies from a film festival held recently.
It's the level of response your post deserves.

http://tropfest.ninemsn.com.au/ - check out the two films 'Bargain' and 'The Furry Cheque Book'. Now, if only you could be so ingenious! 'Be My Brother' is also quite good.


I am more well-versed in the humanities and philosophy. I think that your question is too vague. Perhaps also for those in the social sciences.

Is anyone else sick of being treated “like a student”?

Hi Twinkle,

I agree with you that you should not have to accept mistreatment, and that it should not be accepted as part of the PhD challenge.
That seems ridiculous to me. Life is difficult enough without projecting it onto others.
Regarding the payment, why are the payments irregular? Is it because the funding body makes the payments irregularly?
This is unacceptable, but it might be the case that you would be best off expecting it.

It's tough not to feel disregarded, and perhaps your mortgage company would be understanding but I think this is a very poor solution.

You should be suported by the university in your endeavour, and while minor hiccups should be tolerated, these should not be allowed to be the norm.

Yes, I sound very idealistic, but you have made a choice to do a PhD, you could equally do something else, where you would be valued.

anyways, simple point is, you should be looked after. don't let people act otherwise.


Congratulations!!! Enjoy your few months of relaxation, you deserve it.

Teaching assistants' support thread

I found that relying on peer pressure to force lazy students to read and engage with the material to be counter-productive.
It re-enforced divisions in the class which were very loosely based on any interesting conflicts of opinion arising out of interpretation of the course topics.
I felt this distracted from their learning efforts, and that it was difficult to identify those who were doing reading and attempting to engage with the material while at the same time being reluctant to get themselves involved in arguments.

I have found that I have been pleasantly surprised by a lot of the student's works. I have also found office hours to be very useful in directly engaging with students interests and also in helping gague their progress with developing these interests. I think it is perhaps a good idea to promote office hours to your students.

Another suggestion is to get students involved in ongoing groupwork which will develop over the duration of the course, giving them a number of chances to present their work, both as works in progress, with the opportunity for constructive criticism, in terms of problems and means of developing the topics and treatments further. This helped to remove the competitiveness and laziness inherent to student/group presentations, and helped to engage the entire cohort in a more detailed research effort. It also helped to get the class to gel together.

On a sour note, I have to refer essays I consider to be worth failing to the professor. I have referred one and he has recommended it be re-graded to a distinction. I cannot believe that I was so wrong in my judgment of it, and I cannot believe that this attempt to motivate a student through an inflated grade is justifiable; if only on the basis that it will not serve to motivate them to do more work in other classes. It will possibly demotivate other students to do less. Another result is that their degree becomes worthless in the academic world. The uni I am tutoring at now is considered ok, but if I was a lecturer/prof in a dept to which this a student from this uni applied I would be very reluctant to admit them.
The consequences of making universities pay for themselves?
Rant over!