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Searching a PhD in the marine sciences

In Scotland (Aberdeen) you have Marlab which is a brilliant research group.

Career development loans

Check out www.moneysavingexpert.com for information on the best loans at the moment, the best bank accounts for students etc. Great website if money is tight!

PhD Life and ....romantic and sex life....

I agree with what Adam has said in this discussion. Phds are demanding but also fun, and yes they do you leave you time for a social life. Visiting this forum off and on, it seems many people let their PhD take over there lives, I believe this does not have to be the case.
Sex a plenty!! yay!!

Finishing PhD early

You all make it sound like a phd is really hard. I am at a research institute (not a uni) and almost everyone does their phd in the 3 years. As long as you have good guidance so you dont waste time on un-needed experiments and write it up as you go it should be fine to do it in 3 years. Unless of course you are a complete novice and have never been in a lab or looked up research papers etc!!

***Full or Part Time Study***

I think you would be mad to do Phd without being paid!! Just wait until you get a phd studentship that pays your living expenses (~13k pa). There is not rush work as a technician for a few years gaining experience and money. Do not fund yourself unless you are a millionaire / idiot.

In My Pants Game

Just put a song title up, and add, "in my pants" at the end...

Here are a couple just to get you started>

Should I stay or should I go (in my pants)
The Clash.

Mama told me not to come (in my pants)
Tome Jones

All these things that i've done (in my pants)

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (in my pants)

Things we miss...

I miss Steve Irwin

Alton Towers any good?

Cheers guys. I think it will be Alton Towers (it will be quickest to drive to from Scotland aswell!).

Alton Towers any good?

I am having a wee holiday and dont know where to go. Can you please help?
Which of these is best?
Thorpe Park
Alton Towers
Flammingo Land
Chessington World of Adventure
Any others that i should go to??

Could God help us?

I think the very super intellegant believe in God and also the biggest idiots. I think people who read the holy book (bible or any other) literally are narrow minded and this is what leads to terrorists/homophobes etc.
I never really believed in God, but my gran died and my wee cousin asked if she went to heaven,hell or was the ash in the pot grandad had. I answered heaven, any other answer would have upset her. So maybe religion is just there to make us feel better and take away the guilt because someone else makes all the decisions not us.
Does this make sense?

Bank Holiday Monday's particularly silly question....

I believe the definition of a biscuit is that it goes soft when stale, and that a cake will go hard or crisp when stale. So yes a jaffa cake is a cake.

What do you prefer???

Boxers or Briefs?
Thongs or Pants or Fresh Knickers?
Hot pants or Mini skirts?
Men with shirt off or On?
Trisha or Jeremy Kyle?
Choc Ice or Callippo?