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Tackling the corrections

Have you done them yet....?


I miss PhD life :(

I definitely DON'T miss PhD life..... I think thats mostly because not much has changed apart from I have money........

Tackling the corrections

It's best to do them asap after the viva (and having been sent them), possibly the examiners discussions/comments will still be fresh in your mind.

I left mine for months and it caused a few problems with moving (country) for my current job.

You've basically passed, get the corrections out of the way and make it official with a piece of paper from your graduate office (or similar)....

Admin staff....I'm so angry

Is this the admin for your department? I think they might not be the best place to get that letter, for example at my old uni I could contact student services or the graduate research office for something like that.

What should our next office pet be?

How about a mogwai.....just don't feed him after midnight.....

Trying for a baby whilst writing up?!

Go for it....there's never a perfect time to have a baby. Things always work out (from what I've seen) because you work hard to make sure they do.

Good luck!

what to get as a thank-you gift ?

Just ask someone who has worked with your supervisor for a long time what their favourite tipple is.

When to get married?

I got married in the summer during my second year, I think a year earlier would have been better but it wasn't that bad for me - apart from taking quite a lot of time off (my mum organised the whole thing).

Missing out? (Particularly for those of us with biological clocks)

Florence, I think there are more women in this position than you realise. Like someone said earlier, there is never the right time to have a baby, my best friend even advised me that having an "accident" might be better. The problem is, as educated women we spend quite a lot of time preparing our "nest". Yes three years feels like a lot of time but it will go quicker than you can ever imagine - think of it as nest building time - you want to bring your child up in the best way you can, right?


I've had lazier students than this.

I would say something along the lines of that researching and finding important references is part of the assignment and these are very useful skills to develop.

I had one guy who wanted me to do the assignment for him - I told on him and he got into trouble muhahahaha

Things you miss about being a PhD student

Oh Lord. I wish I hadn't read that - it makes me realise nothing has changed.

I don't get to work until 10 (so I can sleep until 9 if I want - thats a lie in for me).

It's Friday afternoon, I'm working from home (I have that flexability) and I'm still in my PJs.

I can go to town if I want - but don't due to still being in PJs

I still post on PGF about rubbish.


At least I get paid to do this! (Just want to add I don't work in academia).

toothache driving me crazy!!!!!!!

Suck on a clove on the side of the mouth the pain is - if you have clove oil, directly add some to the tooth.

I'm shocked that you have to wait until Wednesday, is that normal for the NHS? I've only ever been a private patient (apart from pre-18) so no idea.

Corrections - how long did you wait?

About three weeks I think - internal was on holiday and then back and very busy.

Describe a Forumite

Quote From DanB:

Quote From sneaks:

I've remember you Danb - although I was probably more of a Lurker when you were posting more often. I do seem to remember that there is a facebook group somewhere for PGF memebrs. and I do think there have been a few PGF meets - but I've always been a bit concerned about anonymity, especially joining the facebook group because everyone at my uni would see that i have done that and maybe make the link.

Maybe when we have all finished we can all meet up. I'm very tempted to thank everyone from the forum in my acknowledgement page so eventually you will see it on ethos (its bad when you spend more time thinking about acknowledgments than actually writing the thesis)

Yeah I think the anonymity thing is tricky. I think we all set up rather anonymous sounding hotmail accounts and then would often chat on MSN and eventually felt we could trust each other a bit before saying who we really were. I guess now with the messaging system on here it would help a bit. But seriously, you might just make some great friends from it .

And as part of my acknowledgments I have named people I have made friends with originally through here. 8-)

Me..... ? :p

Make up questions (for us girls), need answer please

Drink more water and use waterproof mascara (after you have applied your eyeshadow).