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What do you do in your breaks?

OH! I also read a bit of a biography or novel with a character who I find inspirational or motivating. Nothing says "get back to work you lazy bum" more than a super-high-achiever from a terrible troubled background overcoming social taboo and prejudices to change the world!

What do you do in your breaks?

I tend to work at a laptop, so I pop the screen down, take a peek at my to-do list in my notepad and cross off what i've achieved so far to keep me motivated, amend it if need be.

Then I wander outside for a walk to stretch my legs out and get some fresh air. I'm lucky in that I work in a nice area.

Figure/Diagram drawing software?

So I'm in the process of writing up my biomedical based lab project and am drawing up some figures and diagrams, I'm currently using photoshop but feel its a bit clunky and may not make high quality diagrams for presenting and printing.

I was just wondering what everyone else uses? Ive seen some really cool diagrams in papers and such but never known how they were drawn up!

Informal Interview

I'd go smart dress, for sure. But make sure it's nothing easily creased, there's nothing worse than getting up after a 3 hour journey to realise you're all folds!
And as for preparation, I think since they're going for an informal interview they just want a chat. So put a friendly face on and get your light hearted conversational skills out. Think of it more as a chance to network as opposed to an interview.. If you do any prep I would go for researching again into the role they advertised originally, getting familiar with the work of the people who are interviewing you and of course your own work (which I'm sure you're sick to death of and know better than the back of your hand). Get to know the uni's atmosphere and perks, general points about the city/university.

Make up and supplies are always a good idea but if you overpack it seems a bit unprofessional! One thing I never leave the house without, though: White eyeliner. It makes your eyes look less sleepy if you've had to wake up at an ungodly hour to get somewhere!

I think that's it. My main point is to relax! If they wanted a formal interview they'd have asked for one, so you don't need to impress them so much!

A PhD isn't a real job though is it? Grrrrrrr.....

I would put his work down continuously until he starts to feel the same way.. It sounds harsh and juvenile but some people don't get what they say is pretty stupid until they get slapped in the face with a giant metaphorical mackeral a few hundred times.

Failing that...insist he calls you DR! You might not have the PhD yet but he doesn't need to know the title doesn't apply yet ;D

Swine Flu - What do you think?

From what I've been taught and the professor at my uni has told me, it's worrying only when it starts to combine with other variants, and the fact that it will be bad for those with vulnerable immune systems, the immunocompromised, elderly and young. Combined with the urban sprawl that cities are, it's potentially pretty dangerous and likely to spread very quickly...

So.... I can see why they're worried... But I reckon they could've contained it far better than they have so far. Nipped it in the bud, so to speak. I also think it'll resolve itself. I guess the problem lies in the way animals are farmed at the moment too... Having such intensively farmed animals put together in one area is just a hive of disease potential.

@Satchi: I... would really hate to think any person with any sort of intelligence would ignore the conspiracy theorist's ranting...especially since he can't even pronounce virologist.

Help me in finding a Research Topic in Botany

Quote From walminskipeasucker:

Nisha, as you request to please you and meet your desires I have searched far and wide... I wish you well with your work. Anyway, you're welcome in advance. Here is the link:http://www.infowest.com/life/plants.htm

Lol that made my day!

Acknowledging Supervisor...? Too personal?

I apologise this is probably an overdone and irritating question to the regulars! I am but a lowly undergrad trying to muddle my way through to an understanding of writing up protocols!

With regards to acknowledgments, specifically in a scientific style write up. I know it needs to be impersonal and brief but i can't really figure out how to acknowledge my supervisor for his all-round help! I can't pinpoint something specific so figured "I thank Professor John Doe for his supervision and guidance" would be appropriate...??
I'm not sure! But I'm hesitant to ignore his help as he's really given me a lot of advice not just on my dissertation but on my career plans and going into grad school!

Thanks in advance!

Conditional offer headache!

If you've already graduated and stated that clearly I would email the department and let them know of this.. It could be that there was a clerical error and they sent you the wrong offer details.

Graph Creation Software

I'll agree with the majority. Excel is pretty good for a standard spreadsheet program, I think the professional look comes with knowing how to edit the styles effectively. I'm using it to present my final year work and I've found it pretty easy to get my graphs looking like the ones in papers I've been reading! Play around with the bar/line colouring for an hour or two, and try out all the little settings you can manipulate to get a grasp of it.

PhD Preparation - What to Wear?

I guess it's worse to be overdressed than underdressed in these situations, but I'm guessing you could get away with a smart shirt on plain black trousers for this sort of thing.. Works differently for women! :D

MSc Interview

How'd it go? :D

Lab Assistant/Research assistant work

Anyone know how easy/how to go about finding any sort of work within a lab, I'm planning on working through my summer holiday and I'd really like to find a relevant job to the Masters Im going on to, helping out at a lab seems like the best solution really...
Do I go straight to the department at my current uni? Or hit the papers/magazines?

Need some advice :-)

Although i'm not on a phd i do have experience when it comes to spreading myself thin! I like to be busy! When the deadlines all get a bit much, and I feel like I can't achieve what I need to I get stressed out too. I think the best way to deal with the fatigue and feeling down on yourself is to take a minute and look at what you've achieved so far! You've juggled a job and full time phd! And you've done it successfully for a considerable period. Sit back, give yourself a break for an hour or two and re-evaluate your situation a little.

If you can, cut out the things you don't need to achieve so quickly and use the extra time to relax and get your motivation back up and unwind yourself. You seem to be on the road to burning out. Find something that takes your mind off both work AND phd stuff that you can pick up whenever you need to and use it as a break between your dedicated phd time.

From what I've read, I suspect the main problem is that you're losing sight of how well you're doing and looking at the negative, and that's having a knock on effect on your energy levels and motivation. It took me a long time to realise that nobody ever expects *anyone* to be highly productive and superhuman consistently. That expectation of myself often used to lead me to burning out while trying to "get back on track" to how efficiently I was working before the little stumble, as soon as I managed to kick that mentality and work with the natural highs and lows I knocked the fatigue problem out of the window. Try not to impose that standard on yourself too. It's the perfectionists curse! :)

Staying Awake!

I tend to only let myself nap 10mins if I know Ive not slept enough, I have major sleeping pattern problems and insomnia so it puts me off a very delicate balance! It's probably best not to make a nap in the library a habit since your brain will start to associate it with sleep! Caffeine is best, a good cup of tea is refreshing and not too caffeine rich. Failing that, I wear layers so i'll take a jumper off, cooling down helps you wake up.