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Quitting CASE studentship

Hey Firstyear

I understand what you're going through. No you don't have to pay your funding back. Do you remember the PhD contract you signed at the beginning? Go get a copy and read it... I imagine it will say nothing of the sort regards paying anything back, and most likely won't even specify a notice period. PhD students are not slaves, you have all the statutory rights you enjoyed before you started.

Please don't fret too much, warn your supervisors that you will probably be leaving - you will probably be surprised at how nice they can be when they want to be! They will usually have plenty of experience of people leaving, and are always wary of making enemies of people who may be useful in the future.

My advice is tofind work before you leave - it looks more attractive to prospective employers, and puts you in a better position to negotiate.

Doctor of the Universe!

It is my ambition to gain a PhD in each Universe in which I've survived to adult age.

I'm not sure what this qualification would look like, but my bragging rights would be awesome.

Optimum PhD Position

Hmm I like Oxford.

But I also like Cavendish.

There's only one way to find out...


What is best to get out from my supervisors if I have to leave?

Does this happen? The funding disappears and that's it, you're out???

Great, another thing to worry about...

A perfect solution

Not everything in everyone's brains is recorded on the internet you know. Sometimes you have to communicate with fellow humans to get what you need.

the use of 'I'?

But stories and novels are not necessarily fiction.

Accurately and effectively communicating your ideas is paramount.

I was taught at school to always write experiments in passive voice. But when I am communicating ideas I use active. It is more effective and engaging.

the use of 'I'?

There are plenty of articles on the net that discuss the negatives of passive writing and the differences between telling and showing a story ... I think if you are the author then there is no problem with 'I', multiple authors would obviously be 'We'.

As long as the story is told is the most productive way (and it is accurate) then I see no problem with using active voice, in fact my University much prefers it.

psychology degree, what to do next

You could do a PGCE and go into teaching

I want to publish & my supervisor is stopping me

Is it ethical to challenge those who wrongly claim ownership of your work? Yes.

Is it going to work? Or, will the end result be in your favour? Hmmm... can't answer that.

Good luck! You should probably try the diplomacy first.

I want to publish & my supervisor is stopping me

I suppose you could learn diplomacy and politic.

Or you could be more aggressive and strip the offending person from your work. When challenged, stick to your guns and say they had no reason to be included - citing the evidence, and the insulting emails.

Personally I'd go for the latter, academia is certainly one place you can get away with it if you're good enough.

Finding peace & quiet

Quote From greent:

This might sound a bit odd, but I listen to recordings of stuff like waves & rain, etc. when I'm in my office at uni as the people in mine & the next office can get a bit noisy. It kind of works like white noise to drown out sounds, but without being distracting like music would be!

Not odd at all! I do this ... I have the "Echoes of Nature" set, frog chorus and thunderstorms are my two favourites at the moment. Great stuff, sometimes a little too calming though.

Google Chrome vs Firefox

I have very few requirements for a browser. In order of priority:

1. It doesn't crash more than once a week
2. It is generally compatible and works as you would expect a browser to work
3. I can very easily sync my bookmarks with an iPhone/iPad
4. I can very easily sync my bookmarks and history with other machines
5. I can intuitively read and save PDF's through it.

Safari is the only one that does all five. Plus I like that Top Sites screen with the bendy screenshots.

Open source does not come into it. In fact, it rarely does with anything.

I passed! Now for an important question...

If you've earned it, use it.

Or if you're "Dr" Gillian McKeith...

If you've paid for it, use it.

mum with small kids and doing a PHD


You will find most universities are very much experienced in having students and researchers with young children. Many will have creche or nursery facilities at discounted prices for their staff and students. However, you should think about applying well in advance for places in these facilities as they tend to be rather popular for obvious reasons.

Work experience during PhD

I would say a good idea. While I can only speak for myself, having worked for many years before entering academia, I believe working did not prepare me for academia. I also believe the reverse is true, and many employers would agree.

Get what experience you can in the field in which you'd like to work, as long as it doesn't intrude on your PhD, but make sure you have your priorities straight.