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Article request


Could anyone get this article, please?

Klimó, Árpád von ST. STEPHEN'S DAY: POLITICS AND RELIGION IN 20TH-CENTURY HUNGARY, East Central Europe, Dec1999, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p15-29, 15p

Cheers! ,-)

Overcoming writers block

Quote From BilboBaggins:

I've recently bought an iPad and bought a good mind mapping app for it. I can start with a blank canvas that way, but put down sub nodes, and sub sub nodes, including typically things I'd never imagined at the start.

Bilbo, which programme do you use? Mindnode? I have been looking for something for a while, started using Mindnode recently, but it can get a bit annoying with text not exactly fitting on the node etc.

Article request

Brilliant! Thanks!

Article request

Could someone get this article, please?

Graeme Martin, Martin Reddington, (2009) "Reconceptualising absorptive capacity to explain the e-enablement of the HR function (e-HR) in organizations", Employee Relations, Vol. 31 Iss: 5, pp.515 - 537

My email is [email protected]


DPhil Oxford - AHRC Funding

It might be a tad early to look for it on Oxford's website. I don't think they have updated it yet for 2012 entry, but this might be a good guideline of how it will be done:


mphil to mphil?

Did you get a researchers' handbook when you joined the programme? At the uni where I'm at, if you're full time, you have to upgrade by the end of the 2nd year the latest, otherwise you will not be able to get a PhD, but an MPhil.

Check out what the regulations are at your uni. Or alternatively maybe you should try and do it part time?

Roehampton University

I did my undergrad there, and I felt really looked after and had a great 3 years. I have friends who stayed on for MAs and even PhDs and they seem to have the same general problems what I encountered at a Russel Group university. I guess it depends on what department you are in as well. I was in the Social Science department then and had a personal tutor who basically looked out for me (same with friends who did an MA there, they get a personal tutor who they can go to with any problems they have. I think they all kept their undergrad personal tutors).

(Btw, there is an International Student House. When I was there it was located in Erasmus House, maybe ask them whether they can give you some advice.)

Google Chrome vs Firefox

I use Opera, and found that it's faster than any of the other web browsers. Occasionally I also use Safari, cos some of the webpages are a bit strange in Opera, although it seems to be less of an issue with the last couple of updates.

PhD submitted!!

That's brilliant! Congrats! Fingers crossed for next week! :-)

Another paper request

It seems like I can get it. Wanna PM me your email?

Advice, please

I'm in the Humanities and we have to use a footnote system as well, MHRA, I think.

Just for fun - stupid things you read in papers.

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Quote From ady:

Tired of grading papers, too much work on your plate, supervisor hassling to 'help' out more in your department????? Read this link for tips on how to mark assignments and essays more efficiently.


I use this experimental method and it works!!! Only joking lol but it's tempting;-)

Hehe! I have a friend at a European university (not UK, and I'm not going to specify the country) where one of the lecturers is famous for this (well, almost like this). At the end of the exam the lecturer picked up all the papers, threw it in the air, and said that the ones that landed on the table will get a pass, but the ones that landed on the floor will be failed. And he wasn't joking...

The One Goal Thread

1 article down, 1 more to go. Yay!

I think I should also update my annotated bibliography. I haven't updated it for a while, quite lazy of me, really...:$

The One Goal Thread

Quote From sneaks:

(the plan so far is to put copper nails in it - my dad said it would kill it off)

Might be a tad conspicuous, all those copper nails...

Trying to get through 2 articles today from *** (i.e. very important) folder. It's quite the struggle...

What's in your software toolkit?

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Good thread!

I use:
Microsoft Word (occasionally Pages)
Numbers (prefer it to Excel)
iProcastrinate (for to do lists and daily goals)
iCal (for long term goals)
Timemachine for backup (I quite like it, when I'm writing I plug in my external disk and it backs up every 30 mins or so. I have a 500GB external drive and I have been using that since last September. It's getting kind of full now, so planning on getting another one from September. I also back-up super important files on SpiderOak.)

I also have a notebook for ideas, planning etc.